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About Me:Former Captain of the 2014 DDO Pirate Party as well as somewhat of a polymath. My philosophy derives from the Socratic principle: "the only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing."
Activities:Debating, game theory, puzzles, linguistics, reading, writing, composing music, inventing, building, painting, sculpting, drawing, programming, philosophy, theology, paleontology, geography, psychology, geology, sociology, cartography, botany, zoology, biology, astronomy, meteorology, ontology, culinary arts, martial arts, cryptography, and history.
Beliefs:I exist to discover that which can only be undeniably true. As of now, my focus is on the teachings within the Corpus Hermeticum, and the tradition of Alchemy.
Books:Any religious document, The Divine Visitor, The Case for Christ, The Divine Comedy, Paradise Lost, The Prince, Darwin's Black Box, The God Delusion, Why Evolution is True, Aristotle's Psychology, The Greatest hoax on Earth, Plato: Complete Works, The Storytelling Animal, Defending Evolution: A Guide to the Evolution/Creation Controversy, The Influencing Machine, The Kybalion, The Satanic Bible, Proof of Heaven, The Tools, Confessions of an Economic Hitman, How to Think Like Leonardo Da Vinci, Cosmos, On the Origin of Species, After Man: A Zoology of the Future, Man After Man: An Anthropology of the Future, The Evolution of God, Asatru Essentials, Futhark: A Handbook to Rune Magic, The Secret Fortress, the Eddas, The Urantia Book, Liber Novus, The Emerald Tablets, Thus Spoke Zarathustra,
Music:Classical, ambient, and alternative.
Quotes:"The knowledge of all things is possible." - Leonardo da Vinci
Sports Teams:I don't follow sports.
TV Shows:Most documentaries.

Odin is superior to Yahweh


Greetings! I have been absent form this community for a long time, so I figured I would drop in for a visit. I have been studying pagan beliefs for a few months now, and have critically analyzed the qualities of Odin against the popular deity known as YHWH (Yahweh). In my research, I have come to the conclusion that Odin is, in fact, a superior deity to Yahweh. Both in a historical and religious sense. I will, of course, elaborate later. Let me begin by saying that I am a pagan (specifically...

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Did Jesus of Nazareth exist as a historical figure?


This is a debate on whether Jesus actually existed as a historical figure, not if he was God or not. As con I will show that there does not exist the evidence for Jesus' existence. You, as pro, must show evidence for the existence of Jesus as a historical figure. Before we begin we must remember one thing, it is impossible to know with absolute certainty what happened in the past, especially the distant or ill-preserved past. This includes whether or not Jesus even existed. We cannot prove wi...

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Buckethead31594 is a cool person!


First round Is for acceptance, 2-4 is for rebuttals, and final round is for conclusion. Best wishes to my opponent!...

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Socialism could take down capitalism in an economic race.


If just one country gave up capitalism and switched even their motivations and intentions to providing for all of their citizens they would grow accelerated in technology all their cave men would have the wheel again and on to something else! They could even do this without ending their capitalism just a common welfare status for their country and all countries. I'm a optimist! If I think It can be done the only reason it's not , war for territory...

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Another Singing Contest!


Yes, another singing contest! Each round, we will each post a video or audio of ourselves singing a song. Same idea as this debate pretty much: Good luck to my opponent---I very much look forward to hearing more from you :) For my first round, I'm singing The Moon Song from the movie Her. Please excuse the awkward shifting of the video, I was doing it on my phone.

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Term LimitsN/S
United NationsN/S
War in AfghanistanN/S
War on TerrorN/S

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