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About Me:------ tech ------- nerd ----------- U.S -------------- Steam ---------------- Bullish ------------------------------------------------------- Opinions section ------------------ mathematically --------------------------- rationally ------------------------------------ mechanical --------------------------------- lazy. DDO guide by Ragnar: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1B2zJX6-A0NNwQguIoWrM9HDoB_nbGhi7NIhYZ2v68Q4/edit#heading=h.ohg0kp393gef
Activities:------------------ legal
Beliefs:Pragmatic utilitarian, rational egotistic with superrationalistic view of Game Theory.
Books:---------------------------- vernacular ----------------------- plots -------------- taste
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Quotes:"Trillions of stars in the universe. Billions of people on earth. So what difference do you make?"

"Only the strong can afford to be gentle."

"Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time."

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God exists


God exists, based on the scientific evidence of the universe having a beginning. IF the universe had a beginning and the universe came from nothing as the big bang theory states, what created the universe had to be spaceless, timeless, immaterial, personal, and out of nature (supernatural) space less, timeless and immaterial because that qualifies as nothing. out of nature because nature is something and therefore cannot be nothing. personal because it choose to create. This is what God sounds l...

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Utilitarianism is in principle a better system of morality.


Note: I have made this debate impossible to accept. To be considered for accepting this debate, please state the moral system you will be arguing for in the comments section. Topic:I take the position that "Utilitarianism is in principle a better system of morality." My opponent must choose a sufficiently different system of normative morality and argue in favor of it. The winner is the one who shows his morality system to be better.Definitions:Utilitarianism, roughly defined - a theory in norma...

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Rational egotism, even in the absence of law enforcement, is generally not immoral.


Topic:I take the position that "Rational egotism, even in the absence of law enforcement, is generally not immoral." I have the burden to prove that as a result of the evolution of the human species, the human psyche generally favors humans to do utilitarian actions even in the absence of an enforcer. My opponent must show that I have not met my burden of proof or prove me wrong.Definitions:Rational egotism - the principle that an action is rational if and only if it maximizes one's self-inter...

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Intermediate Debate Competition R3: The Crimean Referendum was was not legitimate or democratic


THESIS: The Crimean Referendum of March 16 need not be respected or recognized by any state or international jurisdiction, insofar as the Referendum was conducted by agents of a foreign government (Russia) during an unprovoked military occupation of Crimea by that same foreign entity. The Referendum did not meet the minimum standards for free or fair elections and the outcome failed to reflect substantial opposition to joining Russia as a federal subject.Terms of agreement:THE CRIMEAN REFERENDUM...

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Bullish's position on abortion (restarted)


This is the restarted version of my debate with Bullish over his view on abortion. I had Ore_Ele restart it because extenuating circumstances on my part caused me to forfeit. I don't anticipate that I will be forfeiting this one, so I think the debate will be uninterrupted. Burden of proof is on Pro to defend his position.Debate Rules:1) Pro will write his case in round 1.2) Pro will abstain from posting any arguments or rebuttals in round 3 in order to ensure an equal number of rounds for both...

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