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Movies:Wolf Children
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Quotes:"If anyone shall call you princess in a condescending manner, use your newly appointed royal status and have him beheaded."
Sports Teams:Redskins
TV Shows:Witchblade, Kuroko no Basket
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Does monster high send a good message in representation and diversity to girls or boys?


Monster High is the only toy line that has openly crossed its boarders and addressed the acceptance of a multitude of diverse racial backgrounds openingly and willingly while also making it's point in how diffrent people can cosexist and addressing certain minor to somewhat controversial issues. Such as an interracial couple, a handicap character being unable to do anything, and the acceptance of each others mistakes. Doing this through a wise campaign of using monsters to represent it all....

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Does society place unrealistic views and pressure on women looks? Are other races underrepresented?


I hope I didn't choose the wrong side but society does in fact place women in an unrealistic beauty standard. One that cannot easily be accomplished by normal or healthy means. The standard of beauty for America (the country I mostly can speak for) is usually one of lightened skin and thin body. Most of which models are dangerorusly thin to begin with or are put on a strict diet. Not only that, but nearly every publicized photo is tampered in some way such as through photoshop. Removing blemishe...

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Is Gay Marriage right or wrong?


Gay marriage is wrong. Simple as that. Regardless of man, religion, or politics. I'm not on the matter of whether or not it should be legal. If it's legal for them to get married than let it be so. After all, religion is separated from the state. Parties do what they can to gain the best support from both the minority and the majority. However, just because it is legal does not make it right. Once again, this isn't an issue on should it be legal, or should it be okay, but an issue on acceptance...

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