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The Bible is OK with slavery


The topic of this debate is whether the Bible is OK with slavery. This debate is NOT impossible to accept, although there are restrictions. If you do not meet the requirements but feel like you would be a good opponent, then let me know in the comments.In this debate, slavery will be defined as it usually is: Owning people as property.I can tell you right now that the bulk of my argument will be quotes from the Bible.If you're going to go with "you can't account for morality", then reread the ti...

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Everyone sees the same colors. For example, my red is your red, and my green is your green.


Everyone seeing different colors would make no sense. If your argument is something along the lines of, "everyone's favorite color is the same exact color, even though they may call it blue, red, green, etc," you are perhaps wrong. People's favorite color changes all the time, therefore leading it so that not everyone's favorite color is the same. Although people most likely do see slight changes in colors, nothing is completely opposite or very different. For example, take the color wheel (what...

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The problem of evil and the concept of God are irreconcilable


This debate should be impossible to accept. Comment if you want to debate.I will be arguing that one can not reconcile the problem of evil with the existence of an omnipotent, omniscient and omnibenevolent God.My version of the problem of evil goes as follow:1) If an omnipotent, omniscient and omnibenevolent God exists, then there can be no gratuitous evil or suffering in this world.2) There is gratuitous evil and suffering in this world.3) Therefore, the tri-omni God does not exist.I added the...

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The Ontological Argument


This argument is used very little amongst Christians who defend the faith, and I see why, as it seems like very abstract reasoning. But despite this, I think it is a very convincing argument once you think about it. This argument makes a case that a God must exist based on there mere concept of what it means to be "God". The argument has a rich history and many versions, but I like the Alvin Plantaga's version of it, which I will use with my own little twist. The argument is as follows; 1....

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Is it reasonable to believe that God exists?


Round 1 is ONLY acceptance. There is no burden of proof. The side that gives the best arguments wins majority of votes. I will be debating it is reasonable to believe that Jehovah, the Bible God, exists. Part of Jehovah's absolute perfection is the perfect balance of his qualities. For this reason, "omni" words would not be the best words to describe him. Those words aren't even in the Bible. Jehovah is not all power just like he is not all knowledge. Although he is the most powerful bein...

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