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About Me:I am a funny guy i suppose but that is in the matter of my opinion. About me, i play guitar, i do debate LDing in the national and state circuit. other than that i like to read and skateboard (though i suck), and play any sport that comes my way.
Activities:Running, Weight Lifting, Debating, Playing Video-Games, Reading, Skateboarding, and Playing guitar
Books:Any book written by Ted Dekker,
Movies:V for Vendetta, any Saw movie, all of the Matrix's, the Lord of the Rings Trilogy.
Music:Metal, Alternative, Rock, Hard, basically anything that i can headbang to or feel my sorrows washed away by.
Quotes:Those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it.
- Santyana
Sports Teams:New Orleans Saints
TV Shows:House, Burn Notice, Robot Chicken, Metalocalypse, nothing else i can think of off of the top of my head.
High School:
Seven Lakes High School, Class of 2010
Katy, Texas, United States
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Entrepreneurs should be allowed breed hybrid hominids for profit


Since ancient times man has crossbred equine, bovine, porcine and canine animals to produce artificial species such as mules, dairy cattle, domestic pigs and working dogs. So why haven't we ever crossbred hominids? Well, although chimpanzees and humans share 96% of their DNA (1) they are physically incapable of breeding with each other in the conventional manner. However, using modern fertility techniques it is possible to remove a fertilized egg from a pregnant chimpanzee, insert human DNA...

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Free will is an illusion that does not exist


Ok so here is my biggest argument for this. Free will can never truly exists as we our eternally bound by different forms of desires. I shall prove this through 3 points. 1. Free will doesn't exist : For instance, i might walk into a store and see something that i want, lets say a videogame. Now i have two choices at hand i could either take the video game to the register and buy the game, or i could steal it. Though my opponent might try to say that this is indeed free will, my opponent fail...

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Batman is the greatest superhero of all!


The Batman aka the Dark Knight, the Detective,and the Caped Crusader, is by far the best superhero in the world of fiction. No one comes close! Other heroes may have special powers, but what Batman uses is human ingenuity, skill, and perserverance to defeat his foes. Batman rules!...

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movies are crap to watch in cinamas


i say that movies are crap to watch in the cinemas. because of these reasons. 1.the adds on television only show the good bits. pay fortune to get in to the cinema then you have to pay for the expensive treats. 3.the movie you go to watch might be crap because they only show good bits on adds and that makes you think the whole movie is good but realy its not. now thats my opinion and thats me....

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