Labeling Millions of PeoplePosted 4 years Ago

Hillary Clinton said that half of Trump's supporters are deplorable and that they're racist, sexist, homophobic, etc. She had no right to say that. She labeled people who she doesn't even know. She went too far. She should be ashamed of herself for saying such awful things about millions of people. I would not stoop so low as to judge and label people who I don't even know. I'm a Trump supporter but I won't label Hillary's supporters.

I won't label Hillary's supporters because I know nothing about them and I haven't got the right to judge them. I know nothing about Hillary's supporters but I do know about Hillary. She is PREJUDICE. I wish that labeling and judging those people was the only incident of her bigotry but there have been others. I have a message for Hillary: "Before you judge any other innocent people, you should take a good look at yourself but you'll probably puke when you do".
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All African American Readers Must Read ThisPosted 4 years Ago

This is a message for African Americans,

Many people love to complain about Donald Trump's racism but what some people may not know is that Hillary Clinton is racist as well. Hillary was a member of the Goldwater Girls. The Goldwater Girl organization opposed the 1964 Civil Rights Act. She was a member of an organization that opposed equal rights for African Americans, And she had the gall to say that she is proud to have been a Goldwater Girl.

Also, Margaret Sanger said these following words: "Colored people are like human weeds and need to be exterminated". These are the words that Hillary said about Sanger: "I admire Margaret Sanger enormously, her courage, her tenacity, her vision". Hillary admires a woman who said that you should be destroyed.

Before you vote this November, please remember what I've said. Hillary is racist. I believe that she's more racist than Trump. Hillary doesn't care about you. She wants your votes but she doesn't care about you. If she did care, she wouldn't admire a woman who said that you should be destroyed.
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Not a TyrantPosted 4 years Ago

I'll be honest. I was very disappointed by the election results. I didn't want Hillary Clinton to win the Democrat nomination and I didn't want Donald Trump to win the Republican nomination. I wanted two different people to run for President.

But I can tell you about three people who were originally against Trump but now want him to win. Those three people are: myself, my cousin and a friend of mine. When Trump said that he can bring prayer back to schools, I became his supporter. My cousin once called Trump 'The Devil', but after he re-examined things, he changed his mind.

I also like how that Trump says that he'll help our vets if he wins. Our veterans fought and were prepared to die to maintain our freedom. Out of all of the people in the USA, our veterans deserve to be helped the most.

Yes, Trump has his shortcomings. Two of which are his temper and that he loves to shoot his mouth off. He has his shortcomings but he isn't a tyrant like many people claim. My dad had a temper and he loved to shoot his mouth off but he certainly wasn't a tyrant. I'm getting sick of people comparing Trump to Adolf Hitler. Trump isn't another Hitler and people know it.

Trump also has other shortcomings but Hillary also has a bunch of shortcomings. Let's forget about the charges she has been facing for a moment. Even if she hadn't faced charges, she still has her shortcomings. Two of which are that she is racist and she is a bully. Hillary admires Margaret Sanger enormously even though Sanger said that black people should be exterminated. That is racist. Many years ago, Hillary referred to some mentally challenged children as 'F****** retards'. She bullied sweet, innocent children. Children who were mentally challenged.

Both candidates have flaws. If Hillary wins, she will not be a better President than Trump. I'm not saying that Trump would be a better President than Hillary but he sure wouldn't be worse. Before anymore people praise Hillary and trash Trump, they should re-examine Hillary. They will find out that she has shortcomings just like Trump.
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Trump Being Compared To HitlerPosted 4 years Ago

Certain people compare Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler. I've seen people doctor up photos that give Trump a Hitler mustache and Swastikas. This is what I have to say about Trump being compared to Hitler. IT IS RIDICULOUS! Hitler was an evil maniac. Because of him, thousands and thousands of people ended up dead. Trenches had to be dug and dead bodies were tossed into the trenches because of the huge amount of casualties.

Where are the trenches of dead people that Trump is responsible for? THERE ARE NONE AND EVERYBODY KNOWS IT! I will admit that Trump is not perfect. He has flaws. If I were to say that Trump is the greatest politician who has ever lived, I would be a liar. Trump is not perfect but he is not another Adolf Hitler and people know it.

Before anymore Trump haters compare Trump to Hitler, they should examine Hillary Clinton. She has flaws just like Donald Trump. It is unfair of people to condemn Trump and praise Hillary. People call Trump corrupt. Hillary is corrupt. Many people are aware that she is corrupt but I wish that everybody was aware of it. Trump is no angel but neither is Hillary.

Certain people also used Swastikas when George W. Bush became President Elect in 2000. They tried to make Bush look like Hitler also. Bush wasn't a fantastic President but he was no Adolf Hitler and neither is Trump.
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Donald TrumpPosted 4 years Ago

Many people have bad things to say about Donald Trump but I have something good to say. Trump says if he wins, he can get prayer brought back in schools. Children should pray in schools. If they're taught to pray, they might grow up to be Christians and if they carry God in their hearts, it will make them better citizens and better leaders.

So many of today's people are non-religious. They believe that God is fictional and they and many other people don't take their children to churches or go to churches themselves. If children aren't taught anything about God, they will grow up to believe that he is fictional as well. I'm worried that religion may eventually become a thing of the past. Children are our future. If they're taught to pray, they may grow to worship God and if they do, God will bless them.

Many Hillary supporters who read this will say that Trump lied. Hillary tells lies and it has been proven. It's unfair of people to point out Trump's lies and ignore Hillary's lies. I can't be 100% sure if Trump is being honest about bringing prayer back to schools but I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. I'm also willing to admit that Trump has some big flaws but so does Hillary. I'm against Hillary and I was also against Trump. But when he said that he can bring prayer back to schools, I decided to give him a chance. Prayer is important to me and religion is important to me.
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Hillary Clinton admires Margaret SangerPosted 4 years Ago

Margaret Sanger said these following words: "Colored people are like human weeds and need to be exterminated". Hillary Clinton said these following words about Sanger: "I admire Margaret Sanger enormously, her courage, her tenacity, her vision". Hillary enormously admires a woman who believes that black people should be destroyed. That is disgusting.
People want to talk about Donald Trump and the KKK. Hillary is just as racist as Trump and people need to be made aware of it. Sadly, it's possible that many people are aware of it but don't care. If that is true, I feel sorry for those people.
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Hillary Was A Goldwater GirlPosted 4 years Ago

Hillary Clinton used to be a Goldwater Girl and she said that she's proud to have been a Goldwater Girl. The Goldwater Girl organization opposed the 1964 Civil Rights Act. They actually opposed equal rights for black people.
Hillary was part of an organization that was racist and she's actually proud to have been a part of it. That is disturbing.
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Hillary's Clinton's Cruel RemarkPosted 4 years Ago

Two days ago I read something that really ticked me off. When Bill Clinton was Governor of Arkansas, Hillary Clinton referred to some mentally challenged children as f****** retards. Hillary is a cruel woman.

She was overheard making that horrible remark when those mentally challenged kids were having an Easter egg hunt on the Governor Mansion's lawn. The children were having a hard time finding the eggs and Hillary became impatient and asked "When are they going to get those f****** retards out of here"? Mentally challenged people are human beings just like everybody else and they deserve to be treated with respect.

Hillary's supporters may become angry at me when they read what I've written but it's the truth. The USA deserves and needs somebody better than Hillary.
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Hillary's reply to a questionPosted 4 years Ago

I don't like Donald Trump but I absolutely loathe Hillary Clinton. She should be made to pay for her crimes but she's getting off scott free because she's rich and powerful. The justice system sucks.
Also, when Hillary was asked why she would be a good President, she replied "Because I'm a woman". If I was running for President and said that I would be a good President because I'm a man, feminists would have a field day. They would call me sexist and then tar and feather me. A person's gender does not qualify him/her to be President and I know that every American knows that.
I'm not asking you to vote for Trump. You have the right to vote for whoever you want. That's the American way. But I want to remind people that I think Hillary would be a terrible President. Thanks for taking the time to read what I've written.
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Two Face BerniePosted 4 years Ago

Bernie Sanders is two faced. A few weeks ago he said that Hillary Clinton is unfit and now he's telling us to support her. He let his country down. Two faced people can't be trusted.
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