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I'm not going to start arguing right away here so my opponent will get the pick of who goes first. If you go first, then use Round 1 to start the debate but don't use the final round for any rebuttals. If second, don't make any arguments in the first round and I will start in the second. So whoever you are that decides to take me on, will you go first or second? Anyway, wish you the best and let's have an interesting debate! ...

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Is complex extraterrestrial life common?


This will be a debate on if extraterrestrial life is common in the universe. If anybody thinks it is, then by all means take me on. I will be waiting to challenge.I'm not going to go into all those fancy rules which many other debators do because I like a more open envoronment rather than all those strict rules such as First for acceptance only for example. I'm only going to make one rule with this and that is in my next paragraph.So competitor, whoever you are, do you want to go first or s...

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IQ numbers are meaningless.


Hello, Today I will tell you why the IQ number is a meaningless number and that intelligence is not marked by a person's IQ level.The first point I'm going to make is that the IQ test is outdated. IQ tests have been used for over 100 years in schools and back then they actually did mean what your future was going to be. Having a high IQ reading back then decided your job, your income etc. The IQ test has overstayed its welcome and now some schools still use it but they forget how meaningless it...

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Mandatory School Prayer


This is coming from a British person where yes, mandatory school prayers are a thing.In England and Wales, the School Standards and Framework Act 1998 states that all pupils instate schools must take part in a daily act of collective worship, unless their parents request that they be excused from attending. The majority of these acts of collective worship are required to be "wholly or mainly of a broadly Christian character", with two exceptions:Religious schools, which should provide worship ap...

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Luis Suarez should be banned for life?


So here's a question I've seen somewhere and it was an interesting one and that question is, Should Luis Suarez be banned for life? In my opinion I think not. For as much as a douche as he is, people can change the error of their ways eventually with a hard enough punishment for bad things or a nice reward for a good thing... However even though Suarez got banned for 4 months for his third biting occasion, this time on Giorgio Chiellini, an Italian defender, I'd say it would be too harsh for Sua...

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