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About Me:I'm just an anarchist interested in other people's opinions :P. Here to make friends and have discussions about politics, economics, religion, etc. and participate in friendly debate.
Beliefs:Anti-theist|Atheist|Syndicalist|Anarchist|Egalitarian|Evolutionist| Technocrat|Revolutionist| Libertarian Socialist| Cooperation over Competition|Post-Capitalist|Non-Marxist Communist|Insurrectionist|Feminist|Anarcha-queer|Anti-Fascist|Existentialist (sorta)
Books:"The Communist Manifesto"- Karl Marx|"An Appeal to the Young"- Peter Kropotkin|"The Conquest of Bread"- Peter Kropotkin|"Mutual Aid: A Factor of Evolution"- Peter Kropotkin|"God and the State"- Mikhail Bakunin|Capital Vol. 1-3 - Karl Marx|
Music:All songs that I think are good, regardless of genre
Quotes:"Where there is authority, there is no freedom"
- Peter Kropotkin

"For the law and against justice? Or against justice and for the law?"
- Peter Kropotkin

"For the bureaucrat, the world is a mere object to be manipulated by him"
- Karl Marx

"The hate of men will pass, and dictators die, and the power they took from the people will return to the people. And so long as men die, liberty will never perish."
- Charlie Chaplin

"The hells of capitalism create the desperate; the desperate, act desperately!"
- Voltairine de Cleyre

"If I can't dance to it, it isn't my revolution."
- Emma Goldman

Resolved: On Balance, Anarcho-Capitalism is better than Anarcho-Communism.


This debate is impossible to accept. If you accept without permission then you forfeit all 7 points to me. If you wish to accept then please leave a comment.RulesFirst Round is terms and definitions by Pro and acceptance by Con.Second Round is for Opening arguments, NO rebuttals.Third Round is for Rebuttals.Forth Round is for Rebuttals and conclusion.No semantics, the definitions provided are the ones to be used.No trolling.BOP is shared.Minimum ELO is 2000.No ProfanityOn balance- With all thing...

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Anarchism and capitalism are incompatible.


I will be arguing that anarchism and capitalism are incompatible ideologies. The BoP will be shared. First round is acceptance.Also, this debate is impossible to accept. Please note your interest in the comments section.Definitions:Capitalism: an economic system characterized by private or corporate ownership of capital goods, by investments that are determined by private decision, and by prices, production, and the distribution of goods that are determined mainly by competition i...

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I'm going to win. 2+2=4


2+2=4. This is supported by people and calculators all over the world. And 2 dogs plus 2 dogs equals 4 dogs....

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The Communist Experiment 2.0


This is the second time that I have started this debate, but the last time my opponent just didn't care enough about the debate to continue on. This is the redo round. Many have argued that nations such as the USSR and China were not true communist states and that if a new nation were to try communism again, they would experience different positive results. For this debate we will apply the scientific method in seeing if this at all likely. Con will be arguing that if a new attempt at communism...

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Capitalism is superior to Socialism


The first round is for acceptance. Round two is for opening arguments and rebuttals. Round three is for final rebuttals and conclusion. I will be taking the pro side on my claim, "Capitalism is superior to Socialism." Here are the rules. - Forfeiture will result in an immediate loss of conduct points. - Correct spelling, grammar, and capitalization will be required. Occasional errors are fine. - Sources are required for rounds two and three. I look forward to the debate and wish my opponen...

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Affirmative ActionN/S
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Border FenceCon
Civil UnionsPro
Death PenaltyPro
Drug LegalizationPro
Electoral CollegeCon
Environmental ProtectionPro
Estate TaxN/O
European UnionCon
Federal ReserveCon
Flat TaxN/S
Free TradeUnd
Gay MarriagePro
Global Warming ExistsPro
Gold StandardCon
Gun RightsPro
Internet CensorshipCon
Iran-Iraq WarCon
Labor UnionPro
Legalized ProstitutionPro
Medicaid & MedicareCon
Medical MarijuanaPro
Military InterventionCon
Minimum WagePro
National Health CareCon
National Retail Sales TaxCon
Occupy MovementPro
Progressive TaxCon
Racial ProfilingCon
Smoking BanCon
Social ProgramsN/O
Social SecurityN/O
Stimulus SpendingN/O
Term LimitsN/O
United NationsCon
War in AfghanistanCon
War on TerrorCon

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