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Ideology:Green Education:High School
Party:Democratic Party Ethnicity:White
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Looking:No Answer Religion:Atheist
About Me:I am an art student at LACSHA in Los Angeles California. Liberal activist and vegetarian.
Activities:At the moment I prepare for a tour of europe with my choir.
Beliefs:I believe humankind is a detriment to itself and the earth. We may not survive the 21st century unless major social and environmental reform occurs. The current world governments have done nothing but proliferate weapons and start genocidal wars instead of focusing on important milestones and improvements for humanity as a whole such as the destruction of all nuclear weapons as well as intense NATO environmental regulations on factories. But other things must be done as well, I hope after this stage we will be able to liquidize the militaries of the world and use their ridiculous amounts of funding on humanitarian aide and public schooling as well as important space programs.
Books:I read omnivorously and vigorously, I love classic books, new books and generally any intellectually stimulating material.
Movies:As with many other art forms, I enjoy a well done movie with the right balance of skilled cinematography and writing as well as general acting and esthetic. I really like experimental movies and movies that differ from your average blockbuster.
Music:I feel the same way about music as I do with books and movies.
Quotes:We are in danger of destroying ourselves by our greed and stupidity. We cannot remain looking inwards at ourselves on a small and increasingly polluted and overcrowded planet."- Stephen Hawking
Sports Teams:Any sport is fun to watch as long as the players don't get hurt or have racist team names and mascots.
TV Shows:I personally enjoy a wide range of TV shows with a great inability to keep track of each.
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electric car or fuel cell cars. what is the future transportation fuel?


Electric cars are slow and unreliable. The only way to make them reliable is have an alternative liquid fuel in them, i.e. hybrids. The fuel cell cars have the power as well as reliability to go far distances. The only problem is about storing the highly inflammable hydrogen that powers the fuel cell powered cars. What;s your take on it?...

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Near death experiences are scientifically explainable


Most medical institutions worldwide agree that near death experiences or NDEs for short are the hormonal death throes of a persons subconscious when that said person is either close to death or dying. There are also a number of reasons as to why a persons firsthand recollection of an NDE could either be fake or completely unreliable due to the age of the person, their mental health and ulterior motives to lie. Although I do believe that people actually see things during an NDE but I think that w...

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Civil UnionsPro
Death PenaltyCon
Drug LegalizationPro
Electoral CollegeCon
Environmental ProtectionPro
Estate TaxPro
European UnionPro
Federal ReserveCon
Flat TaxCon
Free TradePro
Gay MarriagePro
Global Warming ExistsPro
Gold StandardPro
Gun RightsCon
Internet CensorshipCon
Iran-Iraq WarCon
Labor UnionPro
Legalized ProstitutionPro
Medicaid & MedicarePro
Medical MarijuanaPro
Military InterventionCon
Minimum WagePro
National Health CarePro
National Retail Sales TaxUnd
Occupy MovementPro
Progressive TaxPro
Racial ProfilingCon
Smoking BanCon
Social ProgramsPro
Social SecurityPro
Stimulus SpendingPro
Term LimitsPro
United NationsPro
War in AfghanistanCon
War on TerrorCon

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