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About Me:I am a 28 yr old husband and father of two beautiful little girls. I love to study theology and apologetics.
Activities:Between work, church, and family there really isn't much time. But when I get some time, I generally like to read or play basketball.
Beliefs:I am a born again believer in Jesus Christ. I believe that He is God in the flesh, the second person of the holy trinity, and that he died on the cross for the sins of all his people. I believe that anyone who puts their trust in Him will find him to be a perfect savior. I believe that the bible is God breathed and is therefor inerrant, and infallible. I also believe that it is the SOLE infallible rule of faith for the church. I am also a 5 point calvinist(Reformed baptist), and affirm the doctines of grace. I'm a cessationist.
Books:The Forgoten Trintiy and The God who Justifies by James White. Tortured for Christ by Richard Wurmbrand.
Music:I like to Listen to Lecrea, Trip Lee, Andy Mineo, Derik Minor, a little Shai Linn. Basiclly
Quotes:"The Christian religion, then, teaches men these two truths; that there is a God whom men can know, and that there is a corruption in their nature which renders them unworthy of Him. It is equally important to men to know both these points; and it is equally dangerous for man to know God without knowing his own wretchedness, and to know his own wretchedness without knowing the Redeemer who can free him from it. The knowledge of only one of these points gives rise either to the pride of philosophers, who have known God, and not their own wretchedness, or to the despair of atheists, who know their own wretchedness, but not the Redeemer."

- Blaise Pascal(from Pensees section VIII #556)
Sports Teams:New York Giants, Los Angelos Lakers
TV Shows:Criminal Minds
3 Debates

Is The Trinity Biblical?


(See comments for format) As always, I would like to thank my opponent kasmic for accepting this challenge. This is a topic that is very near and dear to me and I am excited to have the opportunity to defend it's truthfulness in this debate. My aim is to be as clear and as straightforward as possible with the hopes that the truth prevails and God is glorified. The thesis of this debate: Is the Trinity Biblical? I would like to take just a small space to tell you what this debate is not a...

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Is Jesus Jehovah or a seperate ontological being?


*See comments 4 format *use bible to check scripture reference I would like to start by thanking my opponent for accepting this debate. I have been looking forward to this and my prayer is that it would be helpful to all who take the time to read it. Madcornishbiker is a very sharp thinker so I am expecting a very stimulating and thought provoking debate. I'd also like to thank all who are reading this. It is a vitally important topic we are addressing and it's good to know people are...

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The Atonement: Limited or Universal?


I would like to start off by thanking my opponent for accepting this challenge. I've read his previous debate and believe him to be a respectable man. I expect for this to be a clean and friendly debate. The thesis I will be putting forward in this debate is that the extent of the atonement of Christ is limited and extended only to God's elect. But the reason for debating this position is not merely to positively state a case for what is commonly know as the doctrine of limited atonement...

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