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Beliefs:I believe in Christianity as taught by the Church of Christ. I believe in an omnipotent, omniscient, and omnibenevolent God who created this universe, and I would be happy to defend any of my beliefs. I believe the evolutionary theory is a massively flawed one and not just from my personal opinions or beliefs, but the overwhelming amount of evidence that says otherwise leaving the only alternative of a creator.
Books:Too many to list but here's a couple from my library: If God Is Good by Randy Alcorn; The Case For Christ by Lee Strobel; The Reason For God by Timothy Keller; The Problem Of Pain by C.S. Lewis; Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card; The Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling; and The Sherlock Holmes Series by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
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Does God exist?


Well, where do I begin....... I was born a catholic but when I was 14, I looked at the world, and noticed something is lacking in the credibility of religion. I am 16 now, and still attend a catholic school, but I am now an atheist. Here are some of the many things that I see about religion and God. 1. Scientific evidence has disproved many biblical claims such as the earth being 6000 years old, when it's actually more then 4 billion. We know this due to carbon dating and radioactive dat...

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'facts' are not objective


Good day to you all. I will be taking the the role of Pro, I am in the affirmative that 'facts' are not objective. This debate is round in total, for each Pro and Con to make a one shot attempt at the objectivity of facts. To begin some definitions - [1] objective [2] fact I have heard and read many times that you 'cannot argue with fact' - well I am here to say you can, and should. A lot of objective facts are true at the moment and cannot be argued against because there is not yet...

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Updated 11 Years Ago

Why America lost its title as The United States of America


The reason that we lost this above title, is the fact that because of the segregation of Arizona. I do believe that Arizona should check papers without reason. at the same time we cant have people from another country over running ours, taking our benifits, and expecting us to take up the culture they CHOOSE to leave. this isnt just Mexicans, but many different cultures and people. im not racisist i just want them to have citizenship and a good job. So because of segregation against Arizona we h...

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The God of Judaism/Christianity is the ultimate Solipsist


Good day. Thanks to my opponent in advance. As per the Topic, I am in the affirmative of my resolution that the God of Judaism/Christianity is the ultimate and only confirmable Solipsist. I have made this debate one round per person (1 for Pro, 1 for Con) so that we have one shot to put our arguments forth and let our expressed theories stand on their own (This is to avoid tangents being taken such as God's existence etc) The ontological argument of human existence has many facets, either...

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Is there such a thing as TRUE free will?


As Neg, I will allow my opponent to start off with presenting a case and definitions of his choice. I will then present my definitions and case. This is a value debate, and I ask the arguments be well thought out and backed with sensical logic. Without further ado, I ask my opponent to affirm the existance of true free will....

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