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Ford Vs Chevy


I think Fords are better because they have been the #1 truck in the US for 33 years. Also they are the only American company that's not relying on the government to support them. They have stronger frames therefore higher crash test ratings, smooth quiet ride, Multiple cab and bed configurations, and an attractive cab. They have the lowest Hp rated motors of the domestic trucks but also better gas mileage. Chevy has large turning radius, mediocre interior storage, and many other flaws....

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Debaters shouldnt have to define the words they are using in their debate


I think its absurd that every debate starts with one arguer defining the words he is using. It makes no sense. If someone doesnt know the words meaning, he should just look it up in a dictionary. That is what they are for. And if that person is still too stupid to understand the argument he has no business taking a position. You arent defining. You are redefining. If I redefine the words Im using, each and every one of them, then who is anyone to say my position is wrong? I might as well m...

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Burdens of proof are fallacies


It strikes me as odd that arguers and debaters here like to throw around "burden of proof" as though it makes sense. "Its your burden", "you lose because you didnt satisfy the burden", "you placed the burden on the WRONG side". I assert that the Burden of Proof IS a fallacy. No, not placing it on the wrong side. Placing it anywhere! Many rhetoricians will admit that a lack of an argument doesnt constitute proof that your position is wrong. All scientists admit that a lack of proof doesnt c...

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Should ethical dilemmas be resolved before permissions granted and actions taken?


DEBATE TOPIC: Given a moral controversy, is making a choice whose morality is uncertain and is contrary to the higher moral ground inherently the amoral choice? Should morality be established / determined before we are permitted to continue making the choices that would have otherwise been uncertain? I mean to say: Are we in the right for making choices that could potentially be immoral, but we just havent figured out if they are yet? Does ignorance of morality/immorality justify chosen acti...

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Should transsexuals have the right to legally change their gender on the birth certificates?


The birth certificate is quite literally a "certificate of birth". It is a statement of the conditions under which you were born. No statement is made about ones sexual identity any more than of ones sexual preference, and no more so than any statement about the individuals future plans for surgery. Dont get me wrong... I respect the transsexuals desire to legally change their gender so that they can be recognized for it. But I dont feel that the birth certificate itself should be changed, al...

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