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About Me:My Debate Experience I'm a High School student. I'm on my high school's Debate Team. I participate in Public Forum Debate, Lincoln Douglas Debate and Foreign Extemporaneous Speaking. I qualified for the National Debate Championship in Wichita, Kansas last year in Extemp., broke as 19th out of 109 at the prestigious Barkley Forum at Emory University and have been ranked #1 in the state of Georgia in Public Forum for the better part of the 07-08 school year. I also participate in Mock Trial and Model UN.
Beliefs:I refuse to identify myself with a party exclusively. I guess if I had to, I'd say I'm a social progressive liberal, closest to the Green Party or Socialist Party.
Quotes:Debate... its better than the truth

POFO debate only pleasee


Resolved: That the Economic Stimulus Act of 2008 will successfully mitigate economic slowdowns over the next year. Definitions: Successfully- Achieving the desired effect Mitigate- decrease Year- 2009 Contention 1: Money into economy Whereas the Economic Stimulus Act is giving roughly $106 billion dollars to citizens that qualify, spending will increase within the nation. When this occurs companies are able to profit in turn mitigating the current recession. The recession is caus...

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fair tax advocates do not answer the important questions

ComradeJon1 the fair tax is good because it's progressive. it's alledgely good because it doesn't go above 23% for anyone, and again for most it's progressively better. it's good for the poorest because they won't pay anything after rebate, and those who do earn little will pay very little because of the rebate. it's good for potential businesses who won't have to pay taxes, and only have to worry about the increased costs of material. it's good because produc...

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The president of Iran did not say he wanted to wipe the Jewish people off the map.


This lie is retold almost daily in one form or another throughout the american media. Its a lie that all americans should be aware of. Bring it....

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It is noble to believe in God without requiring proof of his existence.


Why are so many religious people so bent on trying to prove there is a god? Believers are sacrificing nothing if they have to secure proof of God before they are willing to believe. If one believes he has solid proof of God's existence, he has avoided suspending his reasoning in order to believe. He is therefore taking no risk, no leap of faith, and is making no intellectual sacrifice whatsoever. Regardless of whether he is correct, he is nestled in the comfort of his logic. Why is that nobl...

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Mormonism sucks, and is stupid


This started because i have a good friend who is Mormon. I have known him for about five months, and during this time i always ask him questions about his religion. Yet everything he says is either a contradiction, doesn't make sense, is incredibly unbelievable, or just plan stupid. I have no problem with religion, or people having faith, but come on. Has anyone actually taken a moment to study this? So i invite anyone who thinks they can, especially if you are Mormon yourself, tell me why this...

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