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About Me:I am a working guy concerned with the present course of our country. I see our jobs, factories and industries disappearing at an alarming rate. Foreigners now produce many of the goods and services that used to be produced in the USA. I see our middle class declining as the lower paid replacement service jobs are inadequate to provide for the same standard of living. I see our government as largely unresponsive to the demands and needs of it's citizens. I see our corporations conspiring with our government in pursuit of an ambiguous goal commonly referred to as globalization. I see the USA growing weaker socially, economically and politically even as our government proclaims our prowess in the world. I see the obtainment of profits at any cost to be the primary weakness of capitalism. I see all these factors as erosive elements which if not corrected will decimate our country. I see all these thing and I become frustrated with our apathy which condones the missteps.
Beliefs:I believe politicians and government representatives are employees of the American people, and that they must respond to the needs of America and Americans. I believe in fair trade as opposed to free trade. Competition is good providing that all participants are made to adhere to the same workplace rules of wages, hours, child labor requirements, work safety, and other commonly accepted principles of employment. I believe our government has mandated laws dealing with employment, the environment, and consumer safety which are enforced in the USA, but ignored by many countries that supply us with cheap goods. It is impossible for the USA to compete. Our government at the behest of our corporations has stacked the deck against Americans. I believe that capitalism must be restrained so it does not work against the interest of Americans. I believe the apathy of the American people is the silent force which will ultimately destroy our country if we don't seize the initiative.
Quotes:"Experience hath shown, that even under the best forms of government those entrusted with power have, in time, and by slow operations, perverted it into tyranny". --- Thomas Jefferson
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Outsourcing labor is a serious danger to America's economy and needs to be dealt with.


Frithaes. There aren't nearly enough debates about outsourcing on this website and I thought I'd fix that. Outsourcing is a simple enough concept. If an American company outsources all but its top tier, say 10% of its workers, the managers and corporate leaders and whatnot, then all the money spent on its product either goes to the foreign workers or to that top tier. (And possibly the stock holders but I'll address that later.) The top tier (managers and the like) will give back to the count...

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Today's Extreme Partisan Politics is Bad For American Democracy


Today's political atmosphere has become so polarizing that Americans are dropping out of the democratic process like flies. The US State Department defines democracy as "government by the people in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised directly by them or by their elected agents under a free electoral system". But today, people are so turned off by the antagonistic political division that the vast majority of people don't vote. In the 1960 election, 63 percent of eligible...

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