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We live in a culture that has, for centuries now, cultivated the idea that the skeptical person is always smarter than one who believes. You can be almost as stupid as a cabbage, as long as you doubt. - Dallas Willard
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There Are Good Secular Reasons to Disallow Same-Sex Marriage


HonestDiscussioner and I have agreed on terms. I will launch immediately into my opening statement.~The state regulates marriage for a reason. It dispenses benefits for a reason. Understanding what this reason is will tell us what criteria are and are not relevant to marriage, and thus whether any rights are being denied. If the state excludes same-sex couples from entering into legal marriages on the basis of criteria relevant to the public purpose of marriage, then it is clear that no rights o...

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Homosexual Acts are Immoral


TERMSResolved: Homosexual Acts Are ImmoralRounds:1. Acceptance only2. Opening arguments3. Clash4. Closing arguments/clash Definitions: By "homosexual acts" I refer to sexual acts between members of the same sex. Specifically, I refer to homosexual sodomy. This is not a debate about homosexual orientation. I will have the burden of proof. No semantics.The time limit between replies is 72 hours. If one side explicitly concedes or violates any of these terms, then all seven points will be awa...

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It is probable that God exists


TERMSResolved: It is probable that God exists.Rounds:1. Acceptance only2. Opening arguments3. Clash4. Closing arguments/clash For the purposes of this debate, the term "God" will be defined broadly as to include the general attributes (ie: omnipotence, omniscience) commonly associated with Judeo-Christian monotheism. That is to say, I am not referring to any specific deity. Hence doctrines such as the incarnation and Trinity are irrelvant to this debate. "Probable" will be define...

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RESOLVED: Gay marriage should be legal in all of the U.S.


Gay marriage seems to take up a lot of debate nowadays, and I wanted to get my opinion out in the open. Before I begin a road map of what I will review in my debate, I would like to state that I am heterosexual. To make this debate as clear as possible, I would like to offer the following definitions. Homosexual (or Gay): Sexually attracted to people of one's own sex. Legal: Of, based on, or concerned with the law: "the American legal system" All: Used to refer to the whole quantity or...

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Can Intelligence exist before matter?


I would like to articulate a point rarely touched upon when discussing the existence God and if it's logical or not. Can intelligence exist before matter? If there was a person born who couldn't feel, smell, taste, hear or see they would have nothing to think about, I mean what could that person think about? They've experienced nothing. They have had no experience involving matter. Now imagine an intelligence with senses working, but no matter, what would that intelligence have to thi...

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