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Homeschooling is not bad to do


First of all, I was homeschooled and now I'm in regular school. When I transferred to regular school from homeschooling I thought that I would struggle in it. It turned out that I did completely fine! I now have all A's in all classes, expect for History, which is my favourite subject. And I am doing well period. My argument is that many people, NOT ALL, tend to think homeschooling deprives a child from social interaction. Homeschooling, itself, doesn't, it depends on whether the parents cho...

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obama is a bad president


I can give u 3 very good reasons why i think Obama needs to go: 1. * President Obama introduced a healthcare bill that forces Americans to buy a service. This he claimed was not a tax, and simply a penalty. He continuously reaffirmed that that was the case, despite the fact that more than half the population thought the bill was in violation of the constitution. When it came time for the court to decide whether it lived or not, the President's lawyers argued that it was legal because it was a...

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USA gun laws


I would Like to argue gun laws in the USA. I will be on the side which agrees guns should be banned and/or strictly controlled. I hope to find an opponent who will argue appropriately with facts. I would like to mention I am Canadian. I will most likely use comparisons with our countries as Canada has gun laws. Why do you believe there should be such free access to guns? how does having guns help defense or prevent murders? how do you react to all the school shootings?...

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Scandinavia & France are both Socialist states, Yet why has Scandinavia done better than France?


Essentially both countries have very socialist policies, both believe in a strong welfare state, both tax highly and have good public services... Yet how comes France is seemingly crumbling whilst Scandinavian countries aren't? Could it be smaller populations, less regulation and more natural resources that have helped Scandinavia outperform not just France but the rest of Europe or does it stem from that Viking spirit?...

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Gay Marriage


I'm pro marriage and pro gay marriage, because another person's choice isn't my business. Love is love. It's not a choice. You were either born that way, or it came naturally due to how you were raised. The Constitution states that all people should be treated equally and that we all have out rights and freedom. It doesn't state that gay marriage is a bad thing, and that it should never happen. People don't understand that this world is so full of hate, and a person doesn't just choose whether t...

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