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Ideology:Anarchist Education:Other
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Interested:in Women Occupation:Artist
Looking:No Answer Religion:Discordian
About Me:Don't mind me, I'm just a buffoon having a neon meat dream of an octofish.
Activities:Making music with the few tools that I have available.
Beliefs:All affirmations are true in some sense, false in some sense, meaningless in some sense, true and false in some sense, true and meaningless in some sense, false and meaningless in some sense, and true and false and meaningless in some sense.
Music:Too much to love. I prefer "classical" music from the modern period, though I also like SOME older stuff. Bach is one of those exceptions. I also feel that dirty dog blues.
Quotes:"I think it's really tragic when people get serious about stuff. It's such an absurdity to take anything really seriously ... I make an honest attempt not to take anything seriously: I worked that attitude out about the time I was eighteen, I mean, what does it all mean when you get right down to it, what's the story here? Being alive is so weird." - Frank Zappa

"Beauty in music is too often confused with something that lets the ear lie back in an easy chair. Many sounds that we are used to do not bother us, and for that reason we are inclined to call them beautiful. Frequently -- possibly almost invariably -- analytical and impersonal test will show that when a new or unfamiliar work is accepted as beautiful on its first hearing, its fundamental quality is one that tends to put the mind to sleep." - Charles Ives

The Human Predicament


This debate is challenged to CosmicAlfonzo as he offered his Con position in a forum thread. If CosmicAlfonzo for some reason cannot accept this challenge I’ll be glad to debate this with anybody. Objective happiness must be based on something objective. Moreover objective meaning, value, and purpose are the areas to contrive objective happiness. These, in order to be objective, would have to be transcendent from man, external from our subjective parameters pushed onto these ideas, and...

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Photography is an art form


Hello, debaters. The resolution is as follows: "Photography is an art form." By "photography," I mean "the process of producing images of objects on photosensitive surfaces," and by "art form," I mean "the process or product of deliberately arranging elements in a way to affect the senses or emotions." As is customary in any philosophical debate, the definitions of these terms are not fixed. They are open to discussion and change. Pro's position must prove that photography fulfills the...

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God is the Best Explanation for Morality


In this debate I will be arguing for one major contention: God is the best explanation of morality. By that, I mean that the existence of objective moral facts is best explained by positing the existence of a supreme being. By "best explanation." I mean it is superior to competing theories in terms of its explanatory scope, explanatory power, plausibility, less ad hocness, accord with already accepted beliefs, and comparative superiority. [1]I will be defending two arguments, the first is:1. If...

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Song Debate - Greatest Rock Songs of all time


In this debate we post Rock songs... Rock songs that in our own opinion are the greatest of all time. Voters will decide which opponent posted the best songs. - Terms - Round 1 will just be the general acceptance of the debate and the posting of your first Rock song choice. Rounds 2-4 will be a posting of 1 song each round. A description of any reasoning behind picking the song will be permitted, but not required. Round 5 will be the posting of your favorite Rock song choice, foll...

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Their is evidence for Creation.


Their is much evidence, however; I am so confident, I will allow my opponent to speak first. Bring it on....

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Term Limits
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War in Afghanistan
War on Terror

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