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Teachers should be armed with guns.


Teachers should not be able to carry weapons because one teacher could dislike another teacher or a student and kill them. We trust our teachers enough, but we should not trust anyone with kids that have a gun (other than law workers) no matter if is a teacher who we trust protecting kids while we are at school. Me for one would absolutely hate some teachers having a gun. Not like you know her but Ms. Sheldon is an absolutely horrible teacher that knows nothing about grammar (she said you can't...

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The Earth is Flat


The world is flat. The reason being is that the world has been seen from outer space. We have plenty of evidence that the world is round that I shouldn't have to mention. Google Earth is one and all of the photographs and videotapes taken in space. Something else that proves that the world is round is you cannot fall of the edge of the Earth when you are sailing. We have covered this many years ago and unless you have fallen off of Earth or anyone else has, the world is round, not flat....

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The Earth is Flat


The world is obviously round. We have a bunch of evidence to support this and deny that the world is flat. If the world is flat then how do you explain seasons and different time zones? Can you fall off the edge of the world? The answer is no. We have covered this topic hundreds of years ago. We also have evidence from outer space. We (as human beings) have been in outer space and have taken photos and videos of our beautiful "round" earth. If you do not believe that people have been to outer sp...

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Cucumbers are fruits.


Cucumbers are actually fruits. These are fruits because they are "seed-bearing." These fruits are just like tomatoes (which are also fruits). These two fruits can be widely misconcepted into being vegetable. So who wants to prove that they are stupid and debate me on this. And if you do not debate me on this, you are a coward....

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Violence in video games.


Violence in videogames is not a factor in mass shootings because it has been proven and there are studies over it....

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