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Bruce Arians is a bad offensive coordinator for the Pittsburgh Steelers.


As I am playing the devil's advocate in this debate among my family, I will let my opponent present the arguements with which I will refute -- however, I will state that Bruce Arians (currently before the Super Bowl on Sunday) has won a Super Bowl as an offensive coordinator, two AFC championships, and was the wide recievers coach for the Steelers when they won Super Bowl XL in 2005 with Cowher, and thus Arians has proven himself, at the very least, that he is capable of preforming well at his c...

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Is the FAIR tax FAIR?


The fair tax is a federal sales tax on new items only. The argument is that it is a tax based on what you spend,therefore its 'fair'. The tax itself is 23% a 'inclusive' tax. It would be added to all goods and services newly purchased. The fair tax will take the place of all other federal tax,ss,Medicare,income,et al. The first thing I found wrong with it,was the rate. if you inform any supporter they will say its a 23% inclusive tax 23% of the final cost is tax. That's all fine and good but...

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Kobe Bryant is the best active basketball player and second best in all of NBA.


Currently in the NBA, Kobe Bryant is the best player. No one can match up to him in skill and basketball IQ. The only player better than Kobe overall is Michael Jordan. But, in a few years, once Kobe wins more championships and doesn't get snubbed from winning the MVP (Kobe averages 35.4 pts but NASh wins MVP). Kobe can truly be called the best NBA player ever. Also, if any one wants any proof or stats, I will be more than ready to present the stats to them....

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Micheal Vick should play in the UFL (United Football League) if the NFL suspends him next season.


This debate steams from an editorial article from (,176183) Other than taking the pro position and explaining this debate, I will allow my challenger to go first. In the event that Roger Goodell suspends Micheal Vick from playing in the NFL (National Football League) next season for most (More then 8 games) or the entire season then Micheal Vick should play in the UFL (United...

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Minimum Wage Should Be Abolished in the United States


By supporting minimum wage, you're assuming that employers have all the control in terms of how much they pay their employees, and that an employer and their employee can't negotiate wages. In this country, the GDP is high enough that nobody is going to agree to work for two cents an hour. For example, the employer and the employee can reasonably come to a compromise of say, for example, three dollars an hour. But how does this argue against minimum wage? Well, when you consider the fact that...

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