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About Me:I am your not so average retarded asian... well in Asian circles I'm retarded. I advocate Socialism, though not all the points. I'm open minded, believing not one thing is purely "bad" or purely "good". Life is more than black and gray. I'm Christian, yes, please deal with it.
Activities:Online Gaming, Chess, Basketball, Debating, Ruling the World.
Beliefs:Christian, Socialism, Communism(Only in theory, not in practice). Me Ruling the World.
Books:The BIBLE! Percy Jackson series, Hunger Games, Game of Thrones
Movies:Lord of the Rings triology Star Wars The Avengers Pirates of the Caribbean
Music:Christian music, too much to list. EPIC MUSIC: Globus, Two Steps from Hell, Epic Score And for some odd reason, these weird asian songs, meh.
Quotes:"Laws are like sasuages, one would rather not see them being made"
"When one says he believes something in theory, it means he has absolutely no intention in carrying it out in practice"
"One death is a tragedy, a million is a statistic"
Sports Teams:E-sport: TSM, Root Gaming, Dignitas
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Topic says it all.Semantics = loss...

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China could have won the Second Sino-Jap without US intervention.


Hello, I would like to invtie someone to come debate this. I'm actually just bored. Semi-trolling allowed, but keep it serious enough that it can be kept serious for voters.This is my 2nd debate, so feedback would be nice.Defenitions:China- The Republic of ChinaJapan- The Empire of JapanVictory- In this situation, driving off the Japanesse off of Chinese land.Intervention- direct interference by a country in another's affairs. 4 rounds, 1st round just includes introducing oneself, and...

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Militarily, the United States is currently stronger than China


I am arguing that currently in terms of each country's military, the United States had a stronger military than the People's Republic of China. What is argued is: The size and quality of their military (current forces + reserves). Number and quality of their air force. Land-based weapons Naval forces Military budget No semantics!...

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Obama is not a Socialist


Hello, I am here to talk about how Obama is not a communist. Although I am not pro-Obama, I feel one should not dislike him for the wrong reasons. I am new to this site, so forgive me for any mistakes I may make, and if possible, help me improve. Four rounds, the First round for accepting the debate, the next two for the debate itself, and the last round for the closing statements....

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