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About Me:I'm a movie fanatic and "intellectual buff"--[i.e. I actually spend my Saturday nights looking at History channel documentaries]--. I am a very SELF-CONFIDENT, INDEPENDENT, and AMBITIOUS individual, btw. My favorite types of movies are, of course, HORROR, COMEDY, ACTION, ADVENTURE/SUSPENSE, MYSTERY, and ROMANCE. I love to have FRIENDLY and CONTROLLABLE intellectual discussions about politics, philosophy, and religion. Also, I consider myself to be a VERY devout Christian, BUT I'm NOT a fundamentalist which means I know how to hit the clubs with the guys while having a couple of drinks--[Btw, I'm gonna break that ol' stereotype that 'a man drinks a beer a football game' b/c my choice at the bar is straight-up VODKA..."Shaken, not stirred"(LOL)].
Activities:Auto Racing, Basketball, Billiards, Bowling, Cycling, Dancing, Golf, Hiking, Hockey, Martial Arts, Skiing, Swimming, Walking
Beliefs:(1) POLITICAL Beliefs: I am a 100% Free Market Capitalist--["Free Market" in the context of ADAM SMITH as opposed to the Austrian School...haha]--who is moderately conservative on social and religious issues; I believe in a VIGOROUS & robust VOLUNTEER Military and Strong National Defense. However, in direct contrast to the traditional "Republican" and/or Conservative Parties, I am a VIGOROUS defender of the rights of workers to organize and collectively bargain with their employer in the FREE MARKET!!! In addition, I am adamantly committed to finding a 100% Renewable Energy Policy dependent on Solar, Bio-Diesel, Celluose/"Switch-grass" Ethanol, Hydrogen Fuel Cells, Wind, etc. However, I am adamantly opposed to Nuclear Power for National Security reasons. (2) RELIGIOUS Beliefs: It's complicated; I was raised Baptist, BUT I converted to the Roman Catholic Church while in H.S. (3) PHILOSOPHICAL Beliefs: "The End does not ALWAYS-but-SOMETIMES Justifies the means!!!"
Quotes:The surest defense against Evil is...ORIGINALITY of thinking, WHIMISCALITY, even-if you will-ECCENTRICITY. That is, something that can't be feigned, faked, imitated;"
---Joseph Brodsky---

Is The Roman Catholic Doctrine of Purgatory Based on the Bible???


Dear My Evangelical Brothers & Sisters in Christ: Well, anyway, I didn't mean to disturb you, but I would just like to take this time and present to my Evangelical friends a credible, rational, and unequivocal Biblical defense for the Roman Catholic Doctrine of Purgatory. And, "Absolutely YES!!!," I have the audacity to make that statement with a "straight face" that the Bible, unequivocally & irrefutably, proves that the idea and concept of the state (not "place," contrary to popular opinion...

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Is it IRRATIONAL For the United States to Revert Back to the ***Primitive*** "GOLD Standard"???


Hey Jonesey, what's up? Well, since I don't see you "bombarded with debates," I just couldn't RESIST to "invent a controversy" (haha). First and foremost, as both committed supporters of Rep. ROn Paul (R-TX), we are both ADAMANTLY supportive of SOUND Money. Nevertheless, I am "resurrecting this debate" b/c I will attempt to PROVE "beyond a reasonable doubt" that it will essentially be IRRATIONAL if the United States were to revert back to the ol' "GOLD Standard" that was in place prior t...

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Is it IRRATIONAL To Disregard BELIEF in God and/or "Supreme Being"???


Dear Fellow Athiest(s) (haha), How's everything? First and foremost, I enthusiastically thank you for accepting my challenge so that we can "duke it out," so to speak (haha), on the merits of the issue that I raised that it is "technically" IRRATIONAL for a person to discontinue TOTAL (100%) belief in a Divine Higher Power whom billions around the world interpret as "God." However, I must specifically say that I am asserting the position that it is irrational for a person to consider him (...

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What is The RIGHT Solution to Fix the U.S. Healthcare Crisis???


Just to CLARIFY, the "standard" position by the leading Democratic contenders for the White House is essentially based on Michael Moore's compelling documentary, "SICKO!" The Democrats' proposal is as follows: "Health insurance should be provided for EVERYONE by the Federal Government just like Social Security is provided to everyone when they get to be a senior citizen--[i.e. a "Medicaid Card" for ALL]. In places like switzerland, health insurance is provided for everyone regardless of i...

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No Child Left Behind


National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP)test scores released in 2005 show improvement of students. The tests showed that more progress was made by 9 year olds in the last five years than in the last 28 years combined. Reading scores for African American and Hispanic 9 year olds reached an all-time high. America's 13 year olds earned the highest recorded test scores ever. But besides just improving scores on tests, the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) also allocates more attention to...

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