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The Bible Teaches That Water Baptism Is Necessary For Salvation


1st round is for acceptance. Me and Dan123 agreed to do a short 3 round debate on this topic. Basically the only rule is no semantics. I will go through some definitions and if Dan123 has a problem with them, I will edit the debate. Necessary - Inescapable Water Baptism - fully immersed in water All other definitions should just be pretty common sense. I want to have a genuine debate on this and I believe Dan123 does as well so I see no problems in the future as far as definitions and...

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debate on church cooperation


Full Proposition:"It is contrary to the Scriptures for churches of Christ to contribute funds from their treasuries in support for TV programs, Radio Programs and publications like Spiritual Sword and gospel advocate as means of cooperating in accomplishing the mission of the church."Ist round: acceptance of proposition or revisions of the proposition2nd round-5th round: arguments, rebuttals, actual debate.I hope my opponent will accept this debate ...

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The use of mechanical instruments of music in Christian worship is authorized by the Bible


My honorable opponent believes., teaches, and practices the above proposition. I neither believe, teach, nor practice it. Hence the issue between us. It is evident that both of us cannot be right. If he is right, I am wrong; if I am right, he is wrong. Since somebody is wrong it is fitting and proper that we should come together and endeavor to find out who it is. The standard of Authority in this debate is, as the proposition states, the Bible. The burden of proof rests squarely on the s...

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The New Testament teaches that the penitent believer must be baptized for the remission of sins.


I am happy for the opportunity to participate in this discussion of salvation, and specifically, the necessity of baptism. In the article which follows, it is my responsibility to provide Scriptural proof for my proposition. PROPOSITION: The New Testament Scriptures teach that the penitent believer must be baptized in water for the remission of sins to be saved.[1] To be sure we are understanding one another, it is ideal to define the terms and phrases introduced in the proposition: New T...

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Humpty Dumpty was a criminal and tried to rob a bank. That is why he fell off the wall.


We think that yes, Humpty Dumpty fell off of a wall. What we are trying to prove is that Humpty Dumpty was a wanted criminal who was in the midst of robbing a bank when he fell. Our first argument is.... Why were all the kings horses, and all the kings men trying to get to him.we say it is because he was a robber. almost anyone could have helped him. the king was definitely trying to arrest Hmpty Dumpty....

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