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Beliefs:I believe Religion Causes Hate and we would be better off without it.
Books:Shopoholic books - Sophie Kinsella, A Child Called it - David Pelzer, Road to Nab End - William Woodruff,
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Partial Birth Abortion Should Not Be Allowed Even If A Woman Was Raped.


Ok here is my challenge I want this debate to be specific, My argument is against partial birth abortion (PBA) in the case of a woman having conceived through rape only! I don't wish to debate about PBA being used in cases of fetal disability or anything like that. My argument is a woman who is raped and conceives as a result of that rape should not legally be allowed to have a partial birth abortion. If you believe she should be allowed then lets debate. Please note I am not talking...

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Female Drug users should be made by law too take contraception.


I believe that any female who is using illegal drugs/narcotics should be forced by the law too take contraception in order too prevent them giving birth too drug addicted babies. I believe any woman who is taking drugs such as heroin, cocaine etc should not be allowed too get pregnant. Too many babies are born too scumbag women who are in no fit state too care for themselves yet alone a baby. I think any woman who gives birth too a drug addicted baby should be charged with child abuse....

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Is it ok for your mom to look through ALL of your stuff including phone history, MySpace,Room......


it is not ok for your mom too look through all of your stuff and when i say all i mean all i might as well have an fbi team tracking my every move i understand she can look through my drawers to make sure im not doing drugs but hack into my myspace? thats not right...

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Homosexual convicts should serve their time in solitary confinement.


Who amongst us can honestly hold their hands up and say that they've never broken the law? Not many, I bet. Now, let's say you had an all-day session down the pub and, after drinking your age in pints, you drove home and on the way you ploughed through a group of orphans who were on a charity fun run raising money for baby bunny rabbits with AIDS. Then, when your case came to court, the judge sentenced you to a month in prison for every orphan's life you'd snuffed out and, consequently, you w...

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