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About Me:My name's Andy but you all can call me Jaeger if you prefer. I'm seventeen and in my senior year at the Greene School in Rhode Island. I was born a girl. I am in the middle of transitioning, FtM, and prefer male pronouns if you wouldn't mind. This is my first time on a site like this. My whole reason for joining was to try and get better at debating.
Activities:Composing music is one of my biggest passions in life. I enjoy writing a new song and later picking up a guitar or heading towards a piano and just playing what I think fits best with the lyrics. I've been acting since I was four-years-old and can play six different instruments: violin, clarinet, saxophone, guitar, piano, and harmonica, seven if you count the voice an instrument. In my free time I'm either online typing up a reply to some roleplay thread I'm currently involved in, reading a book, or playing video games.
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Bestiality/Zoophilia should be legal, and is not immoral


Because of the length constraints a completely specified argument is impossible, indeed it would take a small book. I will however assert some premises which I hope are self-evident to my opponent. If they are not those topics must be clarified before meaningful debate on the resolution can be had. 1. Legality and morality are inherently linked, if something is moral it should be legal and if is legal it should be moral. The difference between them is the difference between what people think...

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