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About Me:I'm fairly left-wing, I debate at my college's debating society regularly (though that still hasn't managed to make me any good at it) and I don't get very happy at anti-Zionism or anti-Semitism. Oh also I'm British.
Beliefs:Wait... Am I supposed to list everything I believe in in 1000 characters? Seriously? Fine: I believe in the value of hard work, that true power comes from within, and that debating is fun. We good?
Books:The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Skulduggery Pleasant, Sharpe's Tiger
Movies:Robots, Tarzan, Cars, basically any Disney movie with a good soundtrack
Music:Mostly classic rock but also some funk and ska
TV Shows:Enjoyed Chuck and Sword Art Online, quite liked Smallville and Supernatural, long-time fan of Dragonball Z (just to make sure the nerdiness is fully understood)
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Should circumcision be made illegal?


I would like to begin this debate by defining circumcision as "the removal of genital body parts for religious reasons", which doesn't include any medical or (if you're into that kind of thing) recreational reasons. I also want to clarify that by "made illegal" I mean banned with no exception, if anyone's found circumcising someone they will be punished by the justice system.I will be arguing against this motion, as I respect religious values.Firstly, religion is a widely accepted fact of life,...

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Term LimitsPro
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