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Muhammad Was a Crackpot, Not a Prophet


The proposition of this debate is Muhammad, the alleged prophet of the Islamic faith, was in fact a crackpot that cultivated a pernicious ideology that is responsible for much of the world's conflict and terrorism. I will forego the usual formalities regarding definitions, and so on, asking that my opponent focus exclusively on Muhammad and begin the debate in earnest with their opening. It is my hope that my preference to debate someone who adheres to Islam, but I'm open to debating anyone incl...

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The Riots Following the Murder of Michael Brown in Ferguson were/are Morally Justified


Rd 1 - acceptance and rules Rd 2-5. Debating Each debater must have a credible source for all definitions and claims. Treat each essay like an academic paper. Citations are a must. BOP must be shared, judges should vote for whoever made the best case. Nothing can be proven nor disproven since this is an ethical debate. Normally I'm more specific but I'm typing this on my phone. I trust my opponent will accept the spirit of the debate and not force me to define it ad nauseum....

Post Voting Period
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Republicans and Democrats must work together to pass an Immigration reform


With a broken immigration system, America is having a hard time controlling its boarder, has undocumented immigrants living in the shadows, and is taking extreme measures to deal with immigration. Both SB. 1070 from Arizona and the executive order that president Obama is about to make are examples of extreme measures concerning immigration. I strongly believe that passing the immigration reform sitting in congress today will strongly help America today and avoid future extreme measures hurting b...

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Joshua's invasion of Jericho was anti-Jewish


The Pro position, (mine) is that Joshua, being an Ephriaimite destroyed Jericho unilaterally. As always my main source is the Bible. But this time I reserve the right to use history as well. Con is welcome to use any source and good luck. Opening: Joshua was one of the greatest generals of all time. As such he understood the threat of a Jericho left behind his army. Joshua lacked the time and the manpower to pacify. Therefore Joshua made the hard decision to utterly destroy Jericho. It was...

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Resolved: The GOP's staunch opposition to the presidency and the left has caused more harm than good


Hi, I go by Liberal Canadian, and here is some information and clarification on this debate. It is very important that these rules and structures are followed (I know its a lot):The Debate will be structured in 4 rounds:1. General Acceptance, as well as any clarification needed on the topic, I will answer the information briefly before the second round.2. Constructives, essenitally a presentation of all of the evidence and arguments structured by your contentions, the evidence must be cited, pre...

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Global Warming Exists
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Occupy MovementCon
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Smoking BanCon
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Social SecurityCon
Stimulus SpendingCon
Term LimitsN/O
United NationsCon
War in AfghanistanPro
War on TerrorN/S

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