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-Tina Hermasillo
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Should public schools support the walkout for the shooting victims?


On Wednesday 14 March 2018 schools across the US will walk out of class to remember the school shooting victims from the Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. But this is a protest that is supporting gun control. I will be going against the walkout being supported by public schools. The opponent will be for the walkout being supported by public schools. There will be no talk of the victims during this debate. This walkout is wasting the tax payers money and disrupting the school day a...

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anarchy is the best form of government


If purpose of government is to organize people for their collective good, and rule by consensus is the best method for doing so, then anarchy best fulfills the purpose of government. Because anarchy allows for free-association, it enables people to find or create a system of rules which they most agree with. Consensus is also an excellent way to hold others accountable and ensure everyone's needs are met. Anarchy is designed to eliminate hierarchies which lead to inequalities which go agains...

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Is is moral to be moderate on abortion?


I am pro-moederate on abortion. I believe the fertilized egg becomes a person at implantation, BUT the mother is a person with rights too. When two human lives are connected, there has to be some choice. You can be personally opposed, but prochoice. I have spoken with women who are alive because of abortion. Should they be dead? When Ireland forced a suicidal rape victim to give birth, I was mad. When the abolish it crowd doesn't care that women will die, I get angry. When forced birthers think...

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Guns DO kill people, as do knives, bombs and hands


The adage is "Guns do not kill people, people with guns kill people." Although the previously mentioned is a true statement, guns do indeed kill people, as do all other weapons, including hands. In fact there have been cases of people dropping guns and them killing someone, in this instance, even if someone originally was holding the gun, there was no intention nor malice in the dropping of the gun, and the person did not pull the trigger, therefore the gun killed someone. The person may be f...

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Catholics believe that being gay is a sin but that's dumb. God made them gay. That's like god inventing blondes and then saying if your blonde your a sinner it's ridiculous. Catholics also believe that masturbation is wrong which it isn't, its a biological urge that god allowed you to have. Catholics also pray and worship statues and portraits and in the christian bible it specifically states not to do that. Catholicism is also extremely strict when it comes to what to do and not to do on specif...

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