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At 8/23/2018 3:07:30 AM, Sam.Stevens wrote:
At 8/22/2018 11:35:37 PM, Leaning wrote:
Here it is:

I'll be on for a bit, but not all that long tonight, need to catch up on sleep.

don't let the bed bugs bite

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I hope you lot die in a grease fire.Posted 11 months Ago

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I hope you lot die in a grease fire.Posted 11 months Ago

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I hope you lot die in a grease fire.Posted 11 months Ago

You spaming , flooding for anouther site WANKERS.
The lot of ya. I bet ya moms proud coming up with a fuk tard like yourself.

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would you ever eat a human?Posted 11 months Ago

At 8/13/2018 1:47:42 PM, Harikrish wrote:
At 8/13/2018 1:23:56 AM, ethang5 wrote:
At 8/3/2018 11:43:46 PM, Harikrish wrote:
At 8/2/2018 9:56:22 PM, janesix wrote:
I wouldn't. I don't know why though, I have no problem eating cows and they are conscious beings. What makes eating another human icky?

The proper way to say it is you are a meat/beef eater.

Or, you don't worship cows. Or you don't kill humans for cows.

Eating cows carry tribal connotations.

Worshipping cows carry Hindu connotations.

Licking cows backsides carry Karmic consequences.
Africans abusing cows.

Then Africans turned to licking cows backsides.

African dog eating festival.

And the Karmic consequences are, Starving Africans.?

I 8 a bull.
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How afterlife works (Solved, 100%)Posted 11 months Ago

At 8/12/2018 12:39:12 AM, coreohio wrote:
It took me years to figure this out.

If there is an afterlife, then that means that no one on earth has ever had a memory of dying. I'll explain why; watch this spit.

--> Say I die from heart failure tomorrow; I am now unconscious.
--> If I become conscious again after that death, then my body can only survive on a planet.
--> To become concious again, then I must become conscious again on a planet. That means two possibilities exist.

A) Same planet. Recorded version (earth is recorded, duh). Comfy, familiar, best way to do it. More importantly, for children ( + adults ), then, they have no memory of death, and that means the Lord can simulate the rest of their life, let them live simulated temporarily, or a number of other options. The point is that no one ever knows they're dead until they're told that they died. Why? Because the only other way to do it is the most traumatizing, least beneficial, worst way to do it ever.

B) New planet. That means that I will be conscious, once again, on a new planet. I wake up in a hospital. I am told "You died, and now, you are in a hospital on a new planet somewhere else in the universe. This planet is where ALL of our dead go.

Think of how horrifying that would be to a child, teen, or anyone.

Sure, it's do-able. However, earth is recorded and obviously with all this tech we can be imported back into a recorded version, synced version, modified version, ect. Think of the possibilities. I could of died a year ago and because it's the same identical version of earth-recorded - then I do not need to know that I died until I am ready to take it on.

So if A), then no one on earth has ever remembered their death, because they were taken to a recording before the date of their death, unknowing, which means that no one knows they died on earth until they are told, by our 'owner' or 'it', that they died back on earth and have been living in a simulated version or recorded version, or temporary version of earth for the past x years.

That is the BEST way to do it.

Why would 'they' (god) or 'it' or whatever, transfer us to a hospital on a second planet (ball -- 2 balls in the sack)? Why do that? That's horrible. Poor kids are forced to see, then, because of the hospital AND NEW PLANET - that they are dead, parents gone, friends gone, family gone, and WONT SEE THEM AGAIN FOR A LONG TIME. How does a doctor tell that to anyone, specifically a child? "Hi're on a new planet now, in heaven...uh....what?"

There is no need to tell a child or teen or anyone that they died and force them to wake up in a hospital on a new frickin planet.

The better way to do it is to just ease-into-it-slow. Transfer them before their death date on earth. Then, let them slowly live for a few years until they start to see signs and things. Eventually...they will be I dead? Is this how people die? Is this where they go - to a recording or alternate version of earth? Is the universe recorded so that we can be imported and exported to different times and dates of earth?

Plus, it allows them to live the rest of their life, if young. Just simulated in the new version.

Get it? Am I making sense?

Who here thinks that we transfer to a hospital on a new planet after death? Anyone? who here thinks we are taken in our sleep before out set-death-date to go live in the recorded version (synced, or time modified, all that good stuff)?

Hmm? If the recorded version, then no one ever remembers a death. Glory to God, right?

I mean YOU could be dead right now and not allowed to know it yet. Think about it. How would you know?

Plus...i mean...we all want to go back to a time in our lives to do some good stuff, right? Since you would be the only conscious organism in that version (cell), then I am sure God would let you experiment with things. lol...maybe a script to get you a good girl, eh?....girls...maybe God lets you see what it is like to actually eat a male genital, eh? blood all over your face 'n stuff.

That means we can, eventually, go back to times on earth after death. Like 1994. It's recorded dude, not a big deal.

---> Death

----> Wake up (have to wake up after eyes close, duh).

----> Memory of death

----> Complete chaos, disaster, panic, scarring, fear, horrible experience.

Where do you wake up when you die, if there is a memory of it?

Animals should fall into this also then. But animals have become extinct.
Can I have your thoughts on this and also Twins.
See I don't think the world existed 1 second before I did. But when I think about twins , it messes with all and any of my hypothesis.
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Godists? are they better then Spammers?Posted 11 months Ago

I'll fight ya.
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Godists? are they better then Spammers?Posted 11 months Ago

Well Maybe.

I'm so fukin angry about this for some reason......
I want to kick these wankers in the teeth..
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General religion discussion threadPosted 11 months Ago

At 8/7/2018 11:47:42 PM, Ludofl3x wrote:
Has anyone tried asking jesus to fix this mess in prayer? Ask it in his holy name! Or maybe this was jesus's plan the whole time?

I asked god to stop it.
It should be right now
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General religion discussion threadPosted 11 months Ago

Moderator = God
The Hierarchy continues.
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