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Should students leave school for lunch?


I came across this website upon doing my research for this topc: Should kids leave school for lunch?I was set in stone with cons, and here is a more pronounced one. Students who go off campus is expected to be back at a certain timem, correct? But to leave and arrive in 25 minuts would nearly always ensure they would be late and/or have to take their lunch to their classes. Not to mention how selective students may be. They might have a taste for a whataburger or wendy's across town! There would...

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Do physical punishments create a good person?


Physical punishments such as a butt spanking or a beating does create a well mannered child. Personally, I used to get D's and F's constantly in my early life, I was always getting into trouble and causing havoc throughout my early life. My parents would also punish me physically, or as simple as taking away something that I used constantly. This greatly benefited me in so many ways. After two years of this improvement, I started making A's, B's, and C's. I felt like a much better person after t...

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Are schools getting better, or worse?


Schools are becoming so much better!, I remember back when I was a kid, we used to get yelled at non stop, it was boring and gloomy in our schools. It was basically no fun!, All kids deserve to have fun, right? Today, schools are full of color and great teachers with great activity's. We may have our bad teachers here and there but it's still lots of fun. The technology in schools today are amazing. My kids are always bringing home stories of how they got their own personal computers to do onlin...

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Should students be allowed to "impeach" teachers?


Recently, in a past school project we had to debate in class about weather we should have the right to impeach a teacher from their jobs. I felt this was a horrible idea in the first place. I've heard arguments such as "Some teachers are obnoxious and not considerate of others." I understand that there are a ton of teachers that don't even deserve their jobs at all, but there are things like this for a huge reason. All your life you will encounter people you don't like, or that are straight out...

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Should starters on a basketball team be started as better than everyone else?


I'm playing on a basketball team this year and there are a set of kids who are the "starters," the starters in our group are usually titled as the best since they are starting, I understand that they have worked hard for their title, but what about the others? I've seen starters that are horrible while the ones who had to set on the bench the first half of the game were almost left out of the glory, but when they hit the court they would do so much better than the starters. I've seen basketball...

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