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Socialists living under the oppression of capitalism should avoid paying taxes.


The vast majority of public expenditure in a capitalist country such as the United Kingdom is spent on public services such as health, education and social security, which disproportionately benefits socially and economically disadvantaged members of society. (1) Since it is the interests of this section of society that socialists are most concerned in advancing, and these public services are mainly financed through taxation, it might seem logical that a socialist would be insistent that all eco...

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I know not too much about this topic... but I will try to get my point across... Heres a possible effect that closing boarders might have. We close the borders and keep more and more people out. Due to the lack of immagrent workers, farmers start having to pay more money, for generally less work. Due to the higher expense of labor, food prices increase, further affecting and weakening our countries economy. Also, have you read the article on the one town that is split between Mexico and US...

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A government-run healthcare program would stimulate the advancement in medical technology.


One of the few times in the history of the United States where the government ever caused innovation was in the Cold War, when nuclear innovation was booming. The atomic bomb was develped by the government, and the Hydrogen bomb came afterwards. Innovation comes much quicker when there is competition. Breakthroughs in medicine and technology require much money and much research. In an effort ot compete with Miocrosoft, Apple released iPods and The Mac. These were new advancements in entertain...

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Global Warming is a greater threat to life than Nuclear War


Nuclear War may never happen. Global Warming is already happening. Nuclear missiles would primarily impact very specific military targets and concentrated industrial centres. Global warming affects the entire planet. Nagasaki and Hiroshima recovered quickly, vegetation blossoming - even around the epicentres - within months.(1) It took us over 100 years to add greenhouse gasses to the atmosphere and oceans to cause the change we are now seeing. It will a long time to reduce our emission...

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Global warming in not a ridiculous theory


There is a large amount of evidence to suggest that global warming not just a ridiculous theory. Certainly there are a good many people who choose not to believe it because of their politics, because it's not in their economic interest to do so, or because they'd rather not have to change anything. Unfortunately, nature doesn't care about our petty affairs. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to show that global warming is a ridiculous theory, perhaps just a figment of someone...

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