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Minimum Wage in the United States


I am taking the position that the minimum wage of $7.25 an hour should not exist in the United States, and that any attempt to set a minimum wage by law is economically harmful. Burden of proof is on both opponents to prove that the existing minimum wage laws are beneficial/detrimental. Round 1 is for acceptance or opening arguments. If my opponent chooses to use it for arguments, then under the terms of this debate he/she will not make any arguments at all in Round 4....

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The Federal Reserve Should Be Abolished


Round 1 for acceptance, Round 4 for rebuttals. I'm no economics expert, I'll say that up front. However, from all that I've read, I don't think it takes one to realize that the Federal Reserve is hurting the US economy, and has done so ever since its creation in 1913. It pains me to see the OWS protesters going on about capitalism and free market as the reason for disproportionate wealth. I will prove that it is the Fed that is responsible for such inequality, along with other measures which dra...

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Humanity has not changed much socially over the past millenium


Over the past few months, I have had plenty of time to watch documentaries and read books on human society over the past few hundred years. From all of this, I think I can draw one conclusion, especially when it comes to certain issues. We have have not changed as much as we might think that we have. A thousand years ago, Europe and the Middle East were being torn apart by religious conflict both between religions and between the sects of those religions. Christians fighting Muslims and Jews...

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The News Media Is Biased Against the Positive Aspects of Gun Ownership


Round 1 is for acceptance, Round 4 is for rebuttals. Since most debates about gun control end up devolving into an argument on the semantics of the 2nd amendment I'd like to engage a fresh perspective. The issue mentioned in the title is key to the reason why so much negative public perception is directed at guns, and thus why many people shudder at the thought of unrestricted gun ownership. The position I am taking is that the media, while not always intentionally, has shown a clear bias in rep...

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Racially-Based Affirmative Action in College Admissions Should be Abolished


This is a third and (hopefully successful) re-post of the previous argument that was spammed. The user has been blocked (all his accounts, and I've set it so that only higher-ranked people can answer), so I'm looking forward to a legitimate debate on a subject I feel strongly about. As a white male college-bound student, the idea of affirmative action in the admissions process has struck me as unfair for quite a while, even before I got to this age. To set something straight though, I'm not at a...

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