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Robox is better than Minecraft


1A) Roblox has a better community than Minecraft: Roblox has all sorts of systems to help support a good community. One of those systems is a friending system. This allows player to make new friends, or meet with an existing one. This can make finding your friends game much easier.1B) Another way that the Roblox community is better is that it has a way to report players who are hacking or abusing the game. This can create a better community for all players.1C) One final way the Roblox commu...

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Should Animals Be Given the Same Rights As Humans?


I would hope that nobody came to this debate thinking that I am some cruel and selfish person, but if you did, I completely understand. I love animals and would hate to see them mistreated. Every day animals are abused, poached, and hunted for sport. As humans continue to advance, we also continue to be more and more careless towards the environment. I am a believer in animal rights. But their rights should not be the same as ours. Many people who believe in granting animals rights believe that...

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Teen Smoking


Teens should be able to smoke. Many people think smoking is bad because it can kill you, but almost anything can kill you so what difference does it make if you smoke. Due to the fact that teens today illegally smoke they should be able to have parental consent to smoke so that it"s not illegal and it won"t affect them any differently than an adult smoker....

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brain size indicates blacks are less intelligent than whites


+++++++ "general consensus among scientists as published in the Wall Street Journal in 1994 titled "Mainstream Science on Intelligence" shows a consensus among scientists that average IQ are as followed in America. Blacks 85. Whites 100. East Asians 106. Further studies done and published in science journals show IQ to be overwhelmingly genetic. Minnesota Twins Study by Dr. Thomas Bouchard, the most famous twin study done, shows that identical twins separated at birth are significantly more sim...

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Chart positions or YouTube views do not represent how good an artist is


I argue that Chart positions or YouTube views do not represent how good an artist is. The idea that one artist is better than another because he or she is more popular is absurd. Music is a form of art and is purely subjective. Therefore the quality of an artist cannot be determined based on whether or not an artist is successful. Chart positions only reflect mainstream exposure, not the actual quality of music....

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