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everyone is gonna die!!!


Double had a debate about this, but his opponent forfeited. i think this'll be interesting to debate so i decided to challenge her to it. i'm am advocating that everyone is going to die, and my opponent will be negating this. good luck! :)...

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The Council on Foreign Relations (The CFR) is a shady organization.


First a background: The CFR was founded in 1921 by Colonel House(1) (a Marxist(2), ah!) and received important funding from the Rockefeller Foundation(!) and the Carnegie Foundation(!) by the late 20's.(3) It has become more and more influential since then and the longer it has been around, the more presidents there have been who are members. That's a well-known fact and can be found on the official website of the CFR as general knowledge. Example: All the presidential candidates right now? All...

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Bible Prophecy proves Israel is God's chosen people and is the focal point of World Politics


Me = Bible prophecy proves that Israel (the Jewish people is the same thing as the nation of Israel) are God's chosen people and that Israel is the focal point of today's world politics You = Bible prophecy proves that Israel is not the focal point of world politics, and are not God's chosen people. I appreciate the way you define your arguments so that the debate doesn't get sidetracked and hung up on one sentence like so many debaters like to try on these sites, distracting from the...

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We are all Going to Die!


First let start off by saying that The things that we do to This Planet and The things we do to each other we are slowly killing are planet and ourselfs.we have no Jetson future we will all perish away slowly but shurly in our own demise. You cant live in denial and ignorance becuase you dont want to see opean your eyes people look around now im not predicting the the end of the would will be nor do i think it will happen in a day and please do not accept this challenge just to accept...

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The "Communist Manifesto" serves to divide, not to unite.


The "Communist Manifesto" written by Marx and Engels is little more than a doctrine explaining why the whole world should engage in war. It spends a lot of time telling people what they should believe history really means and then upon the outcome of Marx's conclusions of all of history, it goes on to inform the proletariat that its only option is war. This doctrine spends little time explaining what a communist society would really look like or how it would sustain itself (is it any wonder it's...

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