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League of Legends: Demacia vs. Noxus


Hello all, this is a debate on which of the two most prominent factions in Runeterra would win if they went to war like they have been on the verge of for decades. I don't care much for formality, this is just a fun debate and I'll only leave one restriction: By default, we'll assume this is one on one,but you're free to call on allies for Noxus, in which case Demacia may do the same. First round will just be acceptance, as well as space to clarify if you have any further questions. -Duncan...

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League of Legends team-building microdebate challenge


Alright f*ckers here how this works. You are building your own team from League of Legends, and you will argue for why your champ selections for each position are better than my picks, which are listed below. (You may not pick the same champions for your team that I have selected for mine)Top Lane Champ --- GarenMid Lane Champ --- KatarinaADC Champ ---------- AsheSupport Champ ----- BlitzcrankJungle Champ -------- Nunu- In round 1 you will ONLY list the champions you cho...

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The story of Roxas was better than Sora's in 1.5 HD Remix


Roxas was only alive for about a year only to go through hell in the organization and have his memories erased and implanted with new ones of Twilight Town. After killing and erasing one of his dearest friends Xion. All previous memories of Axel and Xion are gone until its too late and Roxas has to go back into Sora. Roxas never had the chance to meet his goals for bringing Xion back. But we'll have to see what happens in KH III to figure anything out....

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Fallout should have a voiced protagonist?


Hello and welcome voters! This is hopefully going to be a fun debate. Well I will be the first one to admit that a voiced protagonist if done right can be a mighty tool to tell a emotional story. But I think I speak for the whole rp community when I say it does not belong in the Fallout franchise and the reason is pretty simple really. A voiced protagonist means that it will be less of your own story. A excellent example is this let's play " https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9YzpaHpBOr4&inde...

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Skyim is the worst in the series with or without mods.


Hello everyone! This is my very first debate and I think this is going to be a lot of fun. I also like to say that this debate is not for the console gamers since modding is a part of the elder scrolls and if my opponent wish to debate about Skyrim with added mods that makes the game better we will do that. I can of course do the same thing with the previous TES titles. When I talk about how skyrim is the worst I talk mainly about the roleplay elements and some of the points that Samyoul an...

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