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About Me:I'm an environmental policy major and economics minor in college. I want to be a lobbyist or political adviser after grad school. I enjoy learning about the world and seriously thinking about the issues facing my country and local communities so that I might imagine better policies that will make progress toward a better world.
Activities:Practicing karate, reading the news, watching movies/TV/anime/youtube, visiting museums, debating, administrating my club on campus, going to class/studying/schoolwork, and daily activities for life.
Beliefs:My core belief is that everyone should be able to live their personal lives however they want so long as it doesn't affect other people's personal lives. --Love whoever will have you, live wherever you want, chase whatever dream you want, buy whatever makes you happy, say whatever you think, do whatever drugs you want, and just do you. No matter what someone's fancy is, they shouldn't smoke (cigars, cigarettes, vapes, blunts, etc). Smoke goes everywhere and that makes you an asshole to asthmatics, children, old people and animals. Vapes aren't regulated so there's no uniform way to tell what's in them, whether it's just vapor or actually has something in it. Some smell so nice, it makes me afraid for curious children. I subscribe to the idea of a social contract. --You can't kill whoever or destroy whatever you want to others just because you have the ability to, nor be generally wasteful or negligent. That's why we have laws against drunk driving and many forms of violence.
Movies:The Nightmare before Christmas. Sucker Punch.
Music:I like electro-pop, swing jazz, and rock music. Some of my most listened to artists are: Brittney Spears; Halsey; Paramore; Panic! at the Disco; Evanescence; Papa Roach; Fall Out Boy; Melanie Martinez; Benny Goodman; Glenn Miller; Elvis Presley; Frank Sinatra; The Andrews Sisters and their modern parody group The Puppini Sisters; etc
Quotes:"Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional."
"Disappointment is inevitable, misery is optional."
"Don't be so humble, you're not that great."
"If it don't make sense, it don't make dollars." (Rational actions create benefit. Irrational actions do not.)

"You can avoid reality, but you cannot avoid the consequences of avoiding reality." - Ayn Rand (1905-1982)
"I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have." - Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826)

"Assassins!" - Arturo Toscanini (1867-1957) to his orchestra
"I would rather regret living and learning than regret being too afraid to live."
Sports Teams:None of them. Team sports is about cooperative strategy. If you understand that, then it's boring. If you want violence, why not watch MMA and skip the middleman of watching sports? MMA is pure violence in 1-to-1 combat.
TV Shows:How to Get Away with Murder. Adventure Time.
3 Debates

Sci-fi: People should be arrested for crimes they will commit in the future


Context: During an era of rapid innovation and invention, a brilliant scientist discovers a way to connect past and future times to the present. After a few years of invention and development, time travel has become a reality. Along with it comes moral, ethical and practical questions: Who should be allowed to use it? What should we do with it? Should we even use it at all? ETC. The consequences of altering the past are too great and is prohibited by the government. Although, they have decided n...

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Rape Culture exists in America


Rape is a very controversial topic in America. Some claim that the United States has a rape culture in which, through various methods, rapists are validated, such as by rape jokes and societal norms that do not take rape seriously. I disagree. In round 1, just state your opinion for or against my argument, and then in round 2, we will present our information. Round 3 is for rebuttals/responses and round 4 will be summary of your point. Thank you for taking the time to participate in my debate!...

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should students be paid?


Students should be paid because we must spend 6 hours of our lives away from our family to listen annoying and difficult people yell if we talk or do something wrong. Then they embarrass us and we find it hard to give them the respect of our attention. If students were paid the would be paid to work well and deal with the yelling and annoyance of our bosses teachers. Because is that not what a real job is like. Students should be rewarded for their patience with that individual. thank you guys!...

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