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About Me:I am currently a sophomore at my high school, Class of 2013! In my Honors English 2 class I have to do a debate for my final exam, we are working on it now and I discovered this site, while doing my research. Hopefully it helps me pic a debate topic, which I need badly. Hehe... I have a lot of friends but 3 that I hang out with most of the time. We hang out a lot together and are always laughing. One day we will travel the world, Amsterdam, Italy, South Korea, and Japan. I am a fun girl, and a fan girl ha! I love to joke around and can be somewhat bossy. I have a dog, Lucky. Most adorable thing on earth! I'm 15 years old. Ugh I hate these About Me things, I have the need to fill it ALL out, even though I'm uninteresting... Oh Here's an idea.... I'm unreliable irresponsible immature undisciplined inefficient disorganized inconsistent and unmotivated but I'm fun! Haha I have a tshirt that says that. I also love and will be getting my first tshirt from there for xmas! Okie B
Activities:I can be active, but only really when i'm with my friends. I love reading Manga and watching Anime, they got me into it. My favorite Manga/Anime's are Dragonball Z, Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Totally Captivated, Pokemon (Watched Pokemon and Dragonball Z when I was young) I love hanging out with my friends. We all love art and we make some fanfics every once in a while, so far we have Russain Roulette Reborn Style! It's a fan-fic about Katekyo Hitman Reborn! (KHR) and we are working on a new one called Art Chaos. It's also about Katekyo Hitman Reborn! and is about if all the main characters went to Art class togeather. We didn't publish that one yet but we are done the first chapter and will wait till we start the second chapter before we post any of it. I'm in Anime Club and Stage Crew at my school. GO STAGE CREW!!! Ha well it's a lot of work but you get a lot of free stuff. If you share any of my interests please message me! We might be good friends. Chuck Norris can slam a revolving door
Beliefs:I'm not sure excatly what you mean about Beliefs, it could be a number of things, Religion, politics, personal beliefs, and Beliefs on one of the many debate topics. Well I will just fill out some of that. I'm Atheist but raised catholic. It's difficult being Atheist especially when someone sneezes and you don't know what to say HAHA That joke goes to Dane Cook! But being Atheist is actually pretty difficult when your mother doesn't approve of it and you don't have any Atheist friends. Maybe I can find some on here! Haha I don't discriminate against religon, ethnics or your cultural backround. All I want is for people to be nice and accepting of my religon.
Books:I read the famous Warriors series, the one about the cats. I haven't found a good book to read. The last book I read was The Hunger Games and BLAHG! It was a good book but the end was stupid. Also my friend, whom read the trilogy told me what happens and in my opinon, it's stupid. I definatly would of went for Gale. And having children when you told yourself that you would never want any the ENTIRE first book is beyond me. I also read the Twilight series and *sigh* Stupid all around, since when do vampires sparkle?! I can't stand the twilight series, or those screaming fangirls... I just want them to finish the movies already and be done with it. But with my luck they will make more and more and more! *Dies on the inside* Our generation will be remembered as the kids who loved sparkly vampires. Thanks a lot FANGIRLS!!!!
Movies:I love comedy movies, like Stepbrothers, Jackass 1, 2, 3. I'm always ready for a good laugh. I also love those classics the Godfather, and almost every movie in the '90's.
Music:Just because I'm a 15 year old girl doesn't mean that one day I hope to marry Justain Beiber or the Jonas Brothers. I like that ol' time rock and roll! My favorite bands are Papa Roach and Three Days Grace. I'm also into Japanese Rock, and some Korean music. Once again I'm accepting of other cultures and music, unlike my entire family.... I hope one day Americans will stop being so racist and sexist. I love going to concerts, especially Papa Roach. Jacoby Shaddix goes out into the crowd, sooo cool.
Quotes:hmmm..... go to and all my favorite quotes are there hahaha. Well I say That's what She said a lot! and a few others but not much...
Sports Teams:GO PHILLIES!!! Philadelphia Philles MLB Champs of '80 & '08!
TV Shows:definatly South Park, The Simpsons, Saturday Night Live! and maybe a few others? I don't watch tv that much
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Cats Are Useless Dogs


Ummm you keep dissing cats and I don't like it....

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