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Quotes:The Bible tells us to love our neighbors, and also to love our enemies; probably because they are generally the same people. -G.K. Chesterton

Mormons are Christian


A Christian is defined as someone who believes and adheres to Christ. Mormons do so, and believe in most commonly accepted facts about Jesus and the Bible. Written mainly as a response to 'Mormons are not christians', but anyone can argue. I don't know why anyone contests this, so I will wait for an opponent to give me something to prove wrong....

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Anti-Abortion Laws


I saw another debate Ragnar did on this topic. He was not given much of a challenge. While abortion topics are generally copy and paste affairs, and one can basically map out an objectivist's position on just about anything in advance (which is not an insult, but a testament to objectivism's simplicity and consistency), I decided this would be a good debate anyway. It is possible that Ragnar will give me something I haven't heard before, and judging from the responses he gave in the other debate...

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Argumentation skills are generally more important than geography to most educated people


I would just like to expand on exactly what my premise intends to cover. It intends to cover my belief that, while some people put heavy emphasis on geography (particularly geography in relation to exactly where other nations are, or even perhaps capitals of US states), even making claims that people (often Americans) are stupid for not knowing very much about it ( ( I believe that geography has little...

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Is the Freewill Defense Tenable?


Hello, As this is my first debate, I would like to thank my esteemed opponent, without whom I couldn't be debating this important issue, and also the creators and users of, without whom I wouldn't be able to debate at all :) The Freewill Defense, (From now on abbreviated to FWD), is a popular objection to the Problem of Evil; specifically that moral evil can be justified because the possibility of sin stems from our free will, given to us by God. It is argued further that freedo...

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The Big Bang Theory rationally disproves God


I was reading a debate in which my opponent stated that the Big Bang theory rationally disproves God, and I wanted to get a little explanation for that. So, I think Korezaan should prove the point that the Big Bang Theory rationally disproves God, which I just don't get. Before I let him get started, I'd just like to say a few things. I believe the Big Bang Theory is basically correct. I believe Creationism is basically incorrect. I read Genesis at the allegorical level, as do most of t...

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