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President:No One (No President) Email:- Private -
Ideology:Anarchist Education:Not Saying
Party:Not Saying Ethnicity:White
Relationship:- Private - Income:Not Saying
Interested:- Private - Occupation:Other
Looking:- Private - Religion:Not Saying
About Me:I am a voluntaryist, anarcho-capitalist, free market libertarian/animal supremacist.
Activities:Video games (Playstation only! Usually Assassin's Creed or Arkham games.), YouTube (watching and creating videos), Netflix, web design
Beliefs:The non-aggression principle (NAP), voluntaryism, anarcho-capitalism, atheism, dog supremacy
Books:Assassin's Creed books, Hunger Games Series, Unbroken
Movies:The Dark Knight series, Gladiator, Interstellar,
Quotes:"When a wise man points to the moon, the imbecile examines the finger," -Confucius, "The tree of liberty must be watered from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants," -Thomas Jefferson, "You don't have a peaceful society when you have a government. You have a civil war whose bloodiness is only erased by endless compliance and subjugation and manipulation and debt and propaganda. You have a society that founds itself on lies and the intimidation of threat and ostracism for anyone who dares speak the truth," -Stefan Molyneux
Sports Teams:Green Bay Packers, Chicago Cubs, Chicago Bulls
TV Shows:Marco Polo, Gotham, Futurama
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Affirmative ActionCon
Animal RightsPro
Barack ObamaCon
Border FenceCon
Civil UnionsN/O
Death PenaltyCon
Drug LegalizationPro
Electoral CollegeCon
Environmental ProtectionPro
Estate TaxCon
European UnionCon
Federal ReserveCon
Flat TaxCon
Free TradePro
Gay MarriagePro
Global Warming ExistsPro
Gold StandardPro
Gun RightsPro
Internet CensorshipCon
Iran-Iraq WarCon
Labor UnionN/O
Legalized ProstitutionPro
Medicaid & MedicareN/O
Medical MarijuanaPro
Military InterventionCon
Minimum WageCon
National Health CareCon
National Retail Sales TaxCon
Occupy MovementN/O
Progressive TaxCon
Racial ProfilingCon
Smoking BanCon
Social ProgramsCon
Social SecurityCon
Stimulus SpendingCon
Term LimitsPro
United NationsCon
War in AfghanistanCon
War on TerrorCon

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