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The Religious Right is beneficial to contemprary America


I will let my opponent start off with how they think that the Religious Right is beneficial to America. I will then proceed to counter their contentions. This is four rounds, so my opponent agrees to not argue on R4, meaning they end their rebuttals at R3. Also, would it be asking too much for my opponent to be among the religious right? Examples are to be fairly current, and centered around American, not international, affairs unless said example requires historical back up (i.e. The Constit...

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Women will never fully be respected as long as they continue to be beautiful


My stance is that women will not fully be respected as individuals as long as they continue to care about their looks, in particularly being beautiful or sexy. More recently in the 21st century, women have been trying to be viewed as equals to men in both the business world and their personal life. This debae is not about whether that pursuit is good or not, but whether or not that is actually achievable. I say it is not, as men in some form or fashion will still see them primarily in a sexual w...

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Online voting should replace traditional voting.


Rules: No word play on semantics. No specific format. If you accept, please present a case and don't just forfeit. Thanks in advance! I affirm the resolution. C-1: Many entities use various forms of online voting with success. Examples include Major League Baseball All Stars, and (Sources & The basic premise requires a person to log in and vote. Failsafe measures to prevent fraud would be 1 vote per SSN. The Social Security Administration has dates...

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Guns should be banned in the united states.


1. Guns are necessary for the safety of a home to protect yourself and your property. 2. Guns serve as a weapon for self defense when ever the police fail to provide the services of protection to the general public. 3. Guns should not be banned because criminals will now be the only ones who have the guns, holding the general public's safety in danger. 4. Guns should not be banned in case of government opressing the citizens. I am pro gun....

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There is no rational path from deism to theism


I think the a topic of whether or not the universe had a designer or designers and the issue of the first uncaused cause are all very interesting and worth a serious debate, maybe in some other topic. Nevertheless even if one grants deism as rational (not that I do) it is very unclear how one can make a rational argument for any particular religion from this point. People many times fail to notice this fact, but the distance from arguing for an entity or entities that designed and started the u...

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