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God and Santa are cousins


God and Santa are cousins. They both are invisible, Yet people talk to them. They both come to your home, One to drop off presents the other to enlighten you. They both bring you joy, They both expect you to be good, Otherwise one will bring you a lump of coal, While the other one will expect a confession, And I think they are both old white men. And if you are an adult and still believe in both, You have issues. Get some help....

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And this is why guns need to be illegal


I am so tired of hearing from these red neck, Military, Waco Texas, NRA loving gun nuts who believe in some ancient parchment the Constitution and believe they need guns, It's sad stories like this that always amaze me why people would still want to have a gun. In a civilized society we have, Why would you feel the need to own a gun, Unless you are a meth dealing trailer park trash, A ghetto gangster or just a complete paranoid person who thinks the tyrannical government is going to break down t...

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Our future generation will be blind and not know how to write with pen


Blue light from smartphones is destroying peoples vision and with everyone on their smart phones now, We will have a future generation of blind people. Blue light has been found to disrupt humans circadian rhythms, Making it more difficult for people to fall asleep. Exposure to blue light can trigger retinal proteins to release molecules that can kill other cells. Cells that can be killed by this process include photoreceptor cells, Which do not regenerate and the absence of photorecepto...

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Mental illness is no excuse for being a criminal


Too many times I see criminals get off on the offence of "found not guilty by reason of insanity" This is an absolute BS excuse for what a person did. Everyone is responsible for their actions, I don't care if you are autistic, Schizophrenic, Bi-polar, Delusional, Paranoid or whatever other fvcked up mental illness you have, It doesn't excuse you from committing crimes. The mentally ill should be tried the same way as any other sane criminal. I don't care if you are mentally ill, That is...

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Raping, Looting, Pillaging, Plundering, Are all basic needs of conquest


Raping, Looting, Pillaging, Plundering are all basic rules of conquest and I'm ok with them. From the earliest conquests of empires raping, Looting, Pillaging and plundering have always been there. From the Romans conquests, Attila the hun Napoleon's conquests Alexander the Great The Vikings The Ottoman Empire The Nazi's The Soviets in 1945 Berlin Pirates in the 1700's Spanish Conquistador of the Incas Raping, Looting, Plundering and pillaging are basic needs of armies when they...

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