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The Logic of Religion--Belief in an After-life


This is somewhat of an unorthodox approach to supporting religion, but I thought it might be kind of fun. The idea I am proposing is pretty simple--that it is logically a better idea to believe in some sort of after-life than not. We'll look at this with two absolutes: you believe in an after-life or you don't, and there is or isn't one. While there is certainly the possibility that one is speculative or unsure about the existance of an afterlife, it will not be relevant to this debate (which...

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Monogamy is generally bad.


First of all let me state right from the beginning that I don't expect to lose or win the debate because of my skills or lack of them. I expect to lose or win this debate because people will not read the debate unless they have no opinion on the subject. I will lose or win this debate because when we reach the voting stage, people will choose whomever represents the side they already agreed with. That being said let me make another qualification. This debate will not be my last, it is mere...

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Evolution does not necessarily refute Religion


First: It is ESSENTIAL that for this argument you do not require a literal translation of the Bible, especially the story of the creation. If you argue a literal translation, you shouldn't post here. It's that simple. Now, I claim that the theory of evolution can be in harmony with religious beliefs. That is, one can believe both in evolution and God. All one would have to do is accept the possibility that God used natural, scientific means--evolution--to create man. I think it's really that...

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I am God, and you do not exist--Take II


So I posed this argument before, and was destroyed horribly in the voting (last I checked, my contender had over 4 times the number of votes I had). However, I am pretty stubborn, and convinced that, if correctly posed, this is an argument which actually is flawless. So, here's my second shot. My first point: I am God. By "God," I do not mean I am the God that is worshipped in Judeo-Christianity, nor am I any other "God" in that sense. I will define my Godhood as me, or, at least, my subconsc...

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The "pro-life" position must necessarily reject sexual reproduction


I take the "pro-life" position in the debate over abortion to be endorsing the idea that "life begins at conception" and thus, they reject abortion because once sperm and egg fuse, we have a morally significant entity. I am arguing that this position is absurd because it necessarily leads to the conclusion that sexual reproduction is bad. Here is why: I remembered hearing in a class I took a while back that a large percentage of fertilized eggs (conceptions) do not make it to full-term birth....

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