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About Me:Many believe me to be quite insane in a way.I love stories which contain angst and hurt/comfort. I have a quick temper when certain issues are concerned but i am quite patient most of the times. I hate homework yet i am the third best student in my class( 18/20).I have unlimited imagination and creativity. I apperciate sarcasm and sass a lot.I prefer to dress in swearpants and generally baggy clothes but i wouldn't say no to wearing a dress during the summer.My mannerisms are tomboyish and i am a picky eater.I hate shopping,smoking,alcohol,fizzy drinks,loud parties,clubs,wearing jewellery and make-up.I am not a social person but i do have a cycle of close friends that share common interests with me.I am quite picky when it comes to books as well.I prefer books with male protagonists that contain quite a bit of drama but have a happy ending.I am interested in psychology,sociology,philosophy,anthropology and mythology as well as fiction and literature in general....I like poetry as well.
Activities:Listening to music . Reading books . Reading Fanfiction . Collecting quotes . Researching and writing down things that interest me such as symbolisms , name lists , mythology , constellations , lists of quirks etc. Coming up with stories and their characters . Downloading images . Watching anime and Reading manga .
Beliefs:I believe souls exist.To some point i do believe in supernatural forces.I believe that circumstances must always be considered.I believe that everything is relative.I believe that there are many shades of gray between black and white.
Books:Harry Potter Series . Percy Jackson Series . The Heroes of Olympus Series . Nightmare Academy Series . The 39 Clues Series . Charlie Bones Series . The Invention of Hugo Cabret . Alice in Wonderland . Paradise Lost . Captive Prince Trilogy . Cirque De Freak Series . John Cleaver Series .
Movies:The Breakfast Club . IronMan Trilogy . Thor 1,2 . The Avengers . Deadpool . The Harry Potter Movies . Karate Kid 3 . How To Train Your Dragon . The Iron Giant . Mee the Robinsons . Big Hero Six . The King's Speech . Maleficent . The Mummy Series . Bridge to Terabithia . Prince Of Persia . 2012 . Jumper . Point Break . Coraline . Corpse Bride . Nightmare Before Christmas . Anastasia . Brother Bear 1,2 . Monster House . Final Fantasy : Advent Children . A Christmas Carol . Chronicles of Spiderwick . Crimson Peak . Carrie(2013) . The Orphan . The Phantom Of The Opera . Billy Elliot . Stardust . The Chronicles Of Narnia . 17 Again . Edward Scissorhands . The Brothers Grimm . August Rush . The Butterfly Effect . Shutter Island .
Music:Akiko Shikata . Yuki Kajiura . Epic Music . Greek Folk Music . Soundtrack Music . Hard Rock Music. Skillet . Linkin Park . Get Scared . Rachmaninoff . Camille Saint-Saens . Breaking Benjamin . Nightmare . Secret Garden . Marilyn Manson . Anime Music . Yousei Teikoku . Ryandan . Pavarotti . Amy Lee . Evanescence . Within Tempation . Poets of The Fall . Celtic Music . The Rasmus . Celine Dion . Halestorm . Panic!At The Disco . Soraru . EXO . Britney Spears . The Hills . Lindsey Sterling . Shakira . Sam Sparro . The Pretty Reckless . Kalafina . Mikis Theodorakis . Manos Hagidakis . Utaite . VOCALOIDS . K-Pop .
Quotes:MILLIONS!!!!!!!!!!! I have filled ten textbooks with handwritten-quotes.
Sports Teams:Not much into sports except maybe watching Tennis matches sometimes.
TV Shows:Supernatural . Sherlock . Merlin . Criminal Minds . NCIS . House M.D . Glee . Dexter . Law & Order . Teen Wolf . Hannibal . Chuck . Suits . Psych . White Collar . Charmed . Most Anime . Kyle X.Y . The Secret Life Of The American Teenager . Avatar:The Last Airbender . Ghost Whisperer . The O.C .
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