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Books:Young Indiana Jones, cant think of any other right now.
Movies:Indiana Jones, The Matrix, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and the Street Fighter movie.
Music:Retsu's Fighting Street theme, Duck King's Fatal Fury Special theme, Balrog's Street Fighter II Theme, M. Bison's Street Fighter II theme, The Miracle of the Ark.
Quotes:You got a lot to learn before you beat me try again kiddo! What strength!! But don't forge there are many guys like you, all over the world! You outlast the best, you are now the strongest Street Fighter in the world, Get lose, you cant compare with my powers.
Sports Teams:Don't have any.
TV Shows:Catfish, Young Indiana Jones, and more.
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Should Minecraft EULA enforcements shut down milliondollar servers?


Hello,So the past months Mojang which is a the Minecraft compony(MojangAB) has been sending out Emails to some owners that run milliondollar servers. This is one of the worst decisions Minecraft has made in history, the reason being is will the servers actually be able to fund their servers?Answer: No.Mojang wants to get rid pay2win; However, they're still allowing servers to sell Cosmetics which do NOT effect game play. This has been tried and failed by MCPVP that used to be one of the lar...

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The original Street Fighter is the best Street Fighter game!


I do not like seeing Street Fighter 1 get bashed at all! It is my all time favourite fighting game therefore I made this debate to stand up for it. The games fights are quicker, which is more challenging than a 60 second fight, the games voices are great for its time, and the moves are easy to perform!...

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