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Bullies and victim both should get aid.


I don't think their is any requirement to provide external aid to the bullies for if students (victims)unite together n boycott the bullying fellow ...then the bullies may realise soon their faults and act of shame and would thus prefer to start healthy relations all over again...

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Is theatre acting inferior to film acting?


It's me again. I kind of enjoyed debating you in the other debate so I think we should try again. But this time, you can make longer arguments now that the word count is 10,000. But this is still supposed to be non statistical but a normal discussion debate. You are free to use resources though. This time, instead of arguing whether theatre acting is a step down from film acting, we will be arguing whether or not film acting is superior to theatre acting. By superior I mean...

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Homosexuality has Little to No Correlation to Pedophillia


Hello, all. I will be debating with stephannoi, an individual who believes that homosexuality and pedophilia are linked, possibly genetically. If this debate goes well, I may consider another debate with him, and I look forward to a lively debate. This debate is open voting, select winner. BoP is on me. R1- Acceptance/reason for acceptance, if desired R2- Arguments. To clairify, nothing can be refuted in this round. R3- Refutations. No arguments, just refutations. R4- Conclusions....

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