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About Me:I've always enjoyed thinking (and, by extension, arguing) rationally, so when I first started debating, it became hard to stop.
Beliefs:If one uses deductive reasoning based in solid scientific principles, one will discover God. However, one cannot know anything about God, other than the fact that He exists, without a revelation. This revelation comes in the form of a book, known as the Bible.
Books:"1984", by George Orwell; "Fire Starter", by Stephen King; "Starship Troopers", by Robert Heinlein
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Which is truest to the Muslim Faith? ISIS (yes) or Moderates (no)?


This debate won't have a rigid structure; it shall simply be presentation and refutation. I shall be arguing that ISIS is truer to the Quran than Moderate Muslims, and the Contender will be arguing the opposite. First, though, a couple rules: 1. No foul language 2. No ad hominem arguments or slander Now, my opening argument: It has recently come to my attention that, despite the massive number of apologists who will tell you otherwise, that Islam is the religion of submission, n...

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Cigarettes should be banned for children


Yes. Cigarettes should be banned for Children. Why? For they are still on the development stage and it is not good for them to smoke because they will have have higher rates of lung infections such as bronchitis and pneumonia. Children who smokes have have higher rates of admission to hospital....

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Belief in a God is rationally justified.


The debate is fairly simple. The round format is as follows: R1: Pro: Opening argument including a specific definition of their particular god. R2: Anything R3: Anything R4: Anything R5 Anything Time limit=24 hours/round Pro will be making the case that there is rational justification for belief in a god, con will be making the case that there is not rational justification for such a belief. Con will not be attempting to prove that gods do not exist, only that belief in them is...

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Bit coin is a scam


For this debate I will be arguing that bit coin is a scam. 1. Bit coin is worthless, it's a bunch of 1s and 0s. Anyone can just make more. 3. Bit coin has an unstable "value" changing from 5$ to 250$ back and forth. 4. Bit coin is unreliable, anything could happen,leave you're bit coin wallet next to a magnet, drop it in the toilet, run it over, you could leaving in you're pants and have it go into the washing machine 5. Bit coin is illegal under the coinage act of 1857. 6. Bit coin is use...

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Conservative (right wing) values are inherently detrimental to society and human values


Right wing ideals are essentially about the protection and promotion of oneself. They argue for a free market free economy and any advancements to society are unintentional. As Adam Smith (British Economist all round smart guy) of an 'invisible hand' that means people do stuff because of selfish reasons and any good side effects are not intentional. This way of thinking surely is not sustainable. When right-wing people are worried about left-wing politicians being in charge, they are worried...

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