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If you kill someone who was going to kill millions of people ok


Please don't start immediatly with come back. I want to see if there is certain areas that you can kill someone and still be able to go to heaven (stay by god's rule) if in a scenario a person was going to kill millions but you kill them (you cannot neogotiate with this person) I say yes in this certain situation you canFirst round: IntroductionSecond Round: StandingThird Round: OffenseFourth Round: DefenseFifth Round: ConclusionI look forward to whoever might want to challenge me AND...

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is deforestation necessary for development


is deforestation necessary for development, yes of course the deforestation increases then the economical system will be damaged and the forests will be cut down.also you know, the deforestation is the main reason for global warming . because the humans are cutting down the trees so the CO2 will increase and the ozone layer will be depleted.if plants are not there then the oxygen in the atmosphere will fall down.so the humans cant live on earth.so i finally conclude that without deforstation dev...

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Death Battle: Meta Knight vs Link


Swordplay is an art. It requires skill, focus, and the possession of a powerful sword. Today, this is a battle between Meta Knight, the Masked Swordsman, and Link, the Hero of Hyrule. AnimationRewind had these two fight, and is planning on using another Link. But is a Link worthy of this match? That's where we come in.Rules:1. The Contender will choose either Meta Knight, or the Link of his choice. I'll be arguing for the character they don't pick.2. When arguing for Link, you can choose any one...

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Red vs Blue: The strongest (without A.I)


I am going to say without any argument that Freelancer Maine (aka the Meta) is the strongest physically without his A.I. He can still fight freelancer Tex and the Reds at the same time (with a little help from Washington). He was also shot in the neck seven times and lived he can throw cars and ultimately destroy buildings and people with sheer power. Chose who you think is strongest Caboose Tex Washington Carolina...

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Is Arguing talking?


I see that arguing is a talking in the concept that there would always be an opinion while there may not be a opponent or someone who digresses around you at the given time but there is a current argument as you may throw around a opinion and then comments until it hits another opinion or someone who digresses therefore arguing and talking are the same. I look forward to this debate and wish luck to my challenger....

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