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Interested:in Men and Women Occupation:Student
Looking:Friendship Religion:Atheist
About Me:I do not believe in restrictions on anything as long as the parties involved are consenting and no one who isn't involved is harmed. This goes for drug use, sex, games, media, every activity.
Activities:I enjoy running, drawing, debating, and history.
Beliefs:I try to be optimistic, I try to look at the world in a positive light, but when I'm not busy with school or work or arguing points, I become very existential and nihilistic. Oh sure, there are plenty of things I absolutely love in this little world we live in, certain people I could live without, I do find joy just not meaning. It's nothing faith can cure, my username is short for God Isn't Dead, He Isn't Real. I don't hate people, individuals, anyone. I may hate what they do, say, or stand for, but everyone has a story and a reason for what they do, I'll just never know what it all is.
Books:My official favorite book is Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. I really love The Invention of Hugo Cabret, Journey to the Center of the Earth, Robinson Crusoe, and right now I'm reading Man's Search for Meaning.
Movies:FAR TOO MANY TO COUNT. But some of them include Seven Samurai, Wolf of Wall Street, Religulous, Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan, Duck Soup (Marxe Bros.) and Babes in Toyland (Laurel and Hardy), The Conversation, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Thing, Twins, Guardians of the Galaxy, Grave of the Fireflies, Star Wars (original trilogy), Rocky, Nosferactu, School of Rock, The Big Labowski, Chasing Amy, Hugo, Heavy Traffic, A Clockwork Orange, The Dark Knight, Batman (1966+1989), Black Dynomite, Terminator 2, SpongeBob SquarePants The Movie, Sin City, Back to the Future, Son of Frankenstein, Spirited Away, Iron Giant, Snow White, Bambi, Pinocchio, Fantasia, Amadeus, and The Hunchback of Notre Dame.
Music:90's Gangsta Rap and Hip-Hop, Jimi Hendrix, K-Dot, Lupe, Eminem, Smashing Pumpkins, Bastille, Rolling Stones, Cab Calloway, Johnny Cash, Bruce Springsteen, Bach, Wagner, and Rage Against the Machine.
Quotes:"Forecast for tonight: Dark" George Carlin
Sports Teams:I don't care about sports. I love playing sports, though. All types basically.
TV Shows:Dilbert, Cowboy Bebop, Clerks Animated, Batman: The Animated Series, Adventure Time, South Park, The Andy Griffith Show, Scooby Doo (several series), Jeeves and Wooster, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (original series), FLCL, Street Sharks (pilot episodes only), Drake and Josh, early Family Guy, Invader Zim, Ed Edd n Eddy, King of the Hill.
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Jehovah is a just and loving God


Injustice is abundant in today's world and many wrongly blame God. However, the Bible teaches us a heartwarming truth: "Jehovah is a lover of justice" (Psalms 37:28). In this debate we will take a look at how Jehovah has proved these words true. We wil also take a look at the dominant quality Jehovah posseses, love. As we examine beautiful facets of His gem-like quality, we will see why the Bible says, "God is love" (1 John 4:8).Round 1 is acceptance only. ...

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Eternal Torment in Fiery Hell is Not Biblical


In Christendom, it is taught that the wicked are eternally tormented in a fiery hell. My position is that this belief is NOT Biblical. First round is acceptance only....

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Should You Believe in a God?


First I must get three things out of the way: 1) I am not trying to force anyone to believe anything, and neither should my opponent. We are simply trying to convince the other with our points. 2) I am most familiar with Judeo-Christian religion, but I am not limiting the discussion to merely that type of religion. I believe I can debate someone from any religion. 3) Most importantly, let this not be a personal attack on anyone. It's just a debate and anyone can leave whenever they want to....

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Internet Censorship
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