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The United States Should Pass "Stand Your Ground" Laws


Good luck to my opponent! I will be arguing that the US should pass national "Stand Your Ground" laws. One of the most pressing issues in today's society is the issue of gun control. We see that some people claim that gun control is a magical solution and some that claim it is a problem. However, the only way to keep people safe without infringing on their Second Amendment rights is to pass "Stand Your Ground" laws. Such laws allow people to use deadly force against any threat without retreat...

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Infliction of cruelty with a good conscience is delight to moralists. That is why they invented hell


[T]he infliction of cruelty with a good conscience is a delight to moralists. That is why they invented Hell." This is a quote written by Bertrand Russell. While it is true that due to the advent of hell, crime must have been reduced but Hell, as we currently understand it, is the product of several snowballing misconceptions and irresponsibly translated scriptures. Many Christians believe that the God of the Bible invented or designed Hell.The concept of a torturous, demon-governed "underworld"...

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Abortion should be made illegal.


We all know what abortion is; or at least we think we do. We listen to the stories on the news, we read opinion articles in the paper arguing this or that, but we never really pay attention or try to understand. This needs to change. Abortion is harming families and people all over the world because the most vulnerable people on Earth are literally being ripped apart and desperate mothers are tricked into an unsafe procedure that will have lasting effects on her and her family because they feel...

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Can science and religion co-exist in the manner that one is not contradicted by the other?


Hello world! This is my first time creating an account and debating on this website - I would like to discuss many things regarding science, religion and much more. I oppose the idea that science and religion can co-exist in the manner that one does not contradict the other; for many reasons. Science and religion both date back a long time ago, and each with there unique purpose. Religion was more of a method to keep people in line - children were indoctrinated to a religious belief at a very yo...

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Christians should not practice gay marriage


Before I start going into rules, good luck to whoever accepts. I'd first of all ask that no hate speech be posted either in the debate or comments. Second, I'd like to ask not to debate on the validity of gay marriage in a secular society but rather pertaining to Christian teachings. I would prefer to debate a Christian for a more in-depth point of view, however it does not matter that much to me. Opening and closing statements don't have to stand in themselves, evidence can be presented in any...

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