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About Me:Quick Facts About Me: 1. My full name is Stanford Matthews. 2. I am 17 years old. 3. I am a senior in high school. 4. I am African-American male. 5. Both my parents were born in Jamaica.
Activities:Things/Activities I Enjoy: 1. Playing sports (basketball and football) 2. Video games 3. Computer programming 4. Drawing 5. Reading (sometimes)
Beliefs:1. Everyone should have the ability to voice their own opinion. 2. Advocation of equal rights
Books:1. "Of Mice and Men" 2. "Othello" 3. "Their Eyes Were Watching God"
Movies:1."Finding Nemo" 2. "Titanic" 3. "Ted 1&2" 4. "Ride Along" 5. "The Girl Next Door" 6. "Crazy Stupid Love" 7. "Just Friends" 8. "In Their Skin" 9. "Point Break" (I have a lot more, but there's too much to name.)
Quotes:"No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent" (John Donne)

Sports Teams:1. Chicago Bulls (basketball) 2. Philadelphia Eagles (football)
TV Shows:1. "Big Bang Theory" 2. "The Walking Dead" 3. "Modern Family" 4. "Face Off" 5. "Bob's Burger's" 6. "Family Guy" (I have a lot more, but there's too much to name.)
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Is Restaurant Food Healthier Than Fast Food?


Some people have the misconception that sitting down and eating at a restaurant is healthier than its fast food counterpart because the food is cooked for longer. Although the food is cooked, restaurant food options can contain the same amount of unhealthy contents that fast food can. I believe that restaurant food is just as unhealthy, if not unhealthier, than fast food. Thanks in advance to anyone who decides to accept this debate....

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The schooling system is currently terrible in the US.


Round 1- Introduction. Round 2- Debate. Round 3- Counter Argument. Round 4- Final thoughts. Round 5- Counter argument/closure. I currently think as a student that the current schooling systems has a lot of unnecessary factors that may not translate well to real world situations. And thus they should rework it and give students more of an opportunity exploring careers and learning checks/balances and much more during high school, rather than having several mathematical/science courses....

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Should A Man Be Allowed To Retaliate If He Is Hit By A Woman?


Ok, first off I want to say that I do not agree with a man hitting or attacking a woman for no reason. However, if a woman decides to lay her hands on a man, then she should be prepared to be hit back! I believe in equal rights between both men and women, and I think it is completely justified for a man to retaliate if a woman hits the man first....

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Students should wear school uniform.


I think students should wear school uniforms. It is because in schools where students are allowed to wear whatever they want, there are school bullies that make fun of other students who may not have a good taste in fashion. But if they all wear the same school uniforms, they can't make fun of one anothers' fashion senses which prevents this type of bullying from happening. And also, if students can wear whatever they want, they might take a longer time to leave their houses for school due to ta...

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