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About Me:I am a Freshman student in Pickerington, Ohio. I appreciate everyone on this website because it's a much better alternative than to brainwashing themselves on video games all night long to the point where you need a website like this to gain back the brain cells you lost. I think this is a helpful and education activity and I look forward to engaging in respectful arguments with other users of this site. I'm not a typical student, as I actually value education and believe it's essential for a functional society. So when I'm in the school hallways, I actually don't view it as being trapped in a prison with people I don't know, rather as a random gathering of potential friends that may share common interests (although I'm new and my social skills are lacking) in a place that provides a great education (make fun of me all you want). I also acknowledge my flaws and realize I'm not perfect, as well as dislike those who believe they are superior to others. Thanks for reading this!
Activities:Cross Country, Track, Guitar, Key Club, FCS (Fellowship of Christain students)... and that's about it!
Beliefs:I am a strong Christain who will always be ProLife. Although I'm not a flawless human being, I strive to do what's morally right as well as consider what God would want me to do in every situation. As I stated in about me, I view education as a privilege and not some mandatory chore. I'd like to consider myself intelligent, but hard-work always beats intelligence, so just because someone is smart doesn't mean they'll get by without problems in school (although it helps)! I hate racism, sexism, or any other type of discrimination because we are all born the same way and we all die the same way, therefore making us all equal. God is the only one who has the right to judge others, so putting others down is never something I'll support.
Books:I loved reading Harry Potter in third grade, as well as Divergent in fifth; but some recent books I've enjoyed are, "The Hate U Give" and "One of Us is Lying."
Movies:I really loved the recent Jumanji movie remake that came out, I thought it was hilarious! Also "Master of Disguise" is rather old but nonetheless amazing. Another great movie was "A Wrinkle in Time" which had a very deep and powerful message about life. Finally, the last movie I saw was "Night School" with Kevin Hart- who always proves to be a magnificent and funny actor!
Music:I listen to a variety of music, as well as play the guitar. I guess I would have to say a combination of rock and just anything with a good guitar riff in it, but sometimes I'll listen to some pop music/
Quotes:"Lord, make me an instrument of thy peace. Where there is hatred, let me sow love."
-Francis of Assisi
Sports Teams:Basketball- Cleveland Cavaliers, although they sorta fell off... NFL- Cleveland Browns. I mean laugh at me all you want but we're some of the most loyal fans in football, plus they're getting better... which is expected when they got so many early draft picks. MLS- Columbus Crew. #savethecrew. MLB- Do you detect a theme here....... Cleveland Indians. Who would have thought?
TV Shows:I don't watch TV that often, but Physc is a nice murder mystery show with a good mixture of humor.
High School:
Pickerington High School North, Class of 2022
Pickerington, Ohio, United States
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Christianity is easier to believe than atheism


It is a common misconception that an intelligent person must be an atheist. Some people even believe that one must completely defy logic if they are a Christain. However, This point of view couldn't be more wrong. To start off, I'm just going to make my argument for why God exists, So my opponent can completely understand my point of view. 1. Argument # 1 for why God exists- Creation A person would have to be ignorant, Not intelligent, To claim there is no God. Over time the problem with...

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